Tonkotsu, Soho (London)

It was a bustling Friday night and we were headed to Soho in search of  Koya, a casual Japanese eatery that has great reviews for its udon noodles.  When we reached Koya, we were dismayed to see a gigantic queue. The thing about London is that people will happily queue down the street to get into a place to eat!

In this instance, the queue stretched out the door and along the footpath.  We were both too hungry to wait for an hour in line and chose to walk around instead.  A few minutes later, we stumbled across another Japanese place which also had a queue but it was shorter.  We ended up waiting about twenty minutes in line before squeezing into the small restaurant.

Ramen in London is pricier than in Sydney and the servings are a bit smaller too.

My friend ordered the Tokyo Ramen (£9) which has a soy sauce base:

I ordered the Tonkotsu ramen (£11):

We shared the chicken karaage (£6):

I wasn't overly impressed by my tonkotsu ramen. The broth didn't have much depth of flavour and I prefer my tonkotsu bases to have a thick consistency.  This one was quite thin and milky. My egg was cold and the centre wasn't oozy.  I have high standards for my ramen!

Would I line up again for Tonkotsu? Probably not.

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  1. I think we ended up here on our last night in London when we couldn't get into Lobster & Burger (or whatever it was called).

  2. Hi Missy Piggy: I want to go to Burger & Lobster too!