Cafe Nice, Circular Quay (2)

You might recall my last visit to Cafe Nice soon after it had opened up at Circular Quay. A few months have passed and I decided to visit again but this time, for lunch.

It was a beautiful winter's day in Sydney and the sun was shining through the windows - what a difference the daytime makes!  The restaurant was busy with the Friday CBD lunch crowd so I would recommend making a booking if you are planning a visit.

Here is the menu that was on offer - my eye was drawn to the ratatouille which I enjoyed last time but for this lunch, I decided to try something different.


 We started off with an entree to share.

Omelette de crabe with fois gras butter ($24)

Wow, the omelette was YUM! As you can see from the photo, the omelette was slightly runny - just how I like it.  The morsels of spanner crab went down well with the chives in the omelette.  I would recommend this dish. 

Risotto with saffron and mussels ($24)

Daube of beef cheek Ni├žoise with papardelle ($24)

I had ordered the papardelle and it was full of flavour with generous chunks of soft beef cheek.  However, I had serious food envy after tasting the saffron risotto.  It was so good!  The mussels tasted fresh and soft, and were scattered throughout the rice.  Unlike creamy risottos, this one didn't get sickening and I wanted to finish it off instead of having to hand it back to my friend.  Next time I would definitely order the risotto for myself.

This lunchtime visit left me with a completely different feeling towards Cafe Nice.  Last time I thought the meal was nice but average - this time, I really enjoyed it.  Maybe the sunshine is the key?

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  1. Mmmm, tasty sunshine... :) The pastas seem reasonably priced - need to check this out

  2. fois gras butter?! I WANT IT I NEED IT!

  3. would love to try that crab omelette and the saffron risotto!

  4. I've been looking for a place that does a good crab omelette since Cafe Ish closed down..(used to be addicted to the Soft Shell Crab omelette there!) Yay for this :)