Easy Cooking: Christmas Turkey for beginners

I haven't done an Easy Cooking post in a while and as an indication on my backlog of posts, here is one that I meant to post (much) earlier this year. 

As Christmas time has come and passed us yet again, I thought I would share a great recipe for a fail-proof Christmas turkey - just in time for your Christmas in July celebrations! (Thanks to Brian D for pointing out the Christmas in July tie-in).  The best thing about this recipe is how easy it is - I have read many other turkey recipes which have turned me off due to the lengthy list of ingredients and need for regular basting.

It is a recipe from food.com entitled 'Moist and Tender Turkey Breast Recipe' - you can click here to see the recipe (I also find it helpful to read through the reviews to see other people's tips and tricks on modifying the original recipe).

Basically the recipe requires three things: a turkey, a jar of mayonnaise and chicken broth.  Of course you can add additional ingredients based on your own flavoring preferences but those are the basic three elements.

The mayonnaise keeps the turkey moist so that you don't need to baste it.  During the cooking time, the mayo is absorbed into the meat and don't worry - the turkey is not going to taste like mayonnaise.

I like to add some vegetables to the broth to add flavour to the drippings for making gravy.   I also like to use just the turkey breast (ie the turkey breast buffet) with drumsticks attached, free range from Coles or Woolworths.  Even the turkey breast alone can weigh a few kilos so be prepared for cooking time of a few hours.

Here are some pics of my turkey this year:

So have a go at roasting the next time you have a hankering for some turkey - it is so easy to do and trust me, everyone will be very impressed.


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