Yebisu Izakaya, Regent Place

In yet another example of the fast changing Sydney restaurant scene, there have been more changes to Regent Place.  Yebisu Izakaya has taken over the old location of Azuma Kushiyaki and remodeled with some pretty good graffiti art, hanging signs and bright lanterns.  Makes me feel like I'm on a street somewhere in Asia!

It was pretty busy for a weeknight and we waited about ten minutes for a table facing the counter.  There were touchpad ordering screens on the table which I love.  So convenient!
Yebisu Seafood Salad ($11.80)

The Yebisu seafood salad had a decent number of small sashimi pieces and a generous light dressing.

Mixed Aburi Sushi ($14.80)

The mixed aburi sushi contained two pieces each of grilled kingfish, salmon and scallops.  Simple but tasty.

Grilled eggplant with Sweet Miso ($6.80)

The grilled eggplant isn't the type of dish that I would normally order but it caught my friend's eye and he enjoyed it.  I found the miso sauce to be a bit starchy. Don't forget that you can scoop out the rest of the eggplant underneath the pre-cut pieces - waste not want not!

Grilled salmon skewer with teriyaki sauce ($ 4.80)

Salmon Kyoto style ($12.80)

Out of the two salmon dishes that we ordered, we both agreed that the 'Kyoto-style' salmon was not the best.  It was flavourless and tasted like it had been broiled then grilled for a few seconds and didn't have any kind of sauce.  Next time I would stick with the grilled salmon skewers.

There isn't anything particularly amazing about Yebisu other than the cool exteriors. The food on offer and style of service reminds me of Mizuya, Wagaya and Lantern which are all located nearby.  Similar menus and that handy touchscreen ordering system.  So I probably wouldn't go out of my way to visit again unless I happened to be nearby and it was the closest of all of them.

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  1. Have to agree with this one - didn't think it was anything spectacular and probably wouldn't revisit either