Mo Vida, Surry Hills

I have wanted to go to Mo Vida ever since it opened up last year but it seemed to be perpetually booked out.  Finally months later, we decided to make a booking well in advance and even then our first two date options weren't available.  We settled for a 6.30pm timeslot on the following Monday night. 

The restaurant is a very short five minute walk from Central Station, Devonshire St exit.  Our table was right next to the window and it was only halfway through the meal when I realised that the whole top half of the window was completely open without a fly screen - hence I had a mosquito bite at the end of the meal and caught the smell of cigarettes more than once wafting in.

Glass of sangria ($9) and wine

The sangria was icy cool, wasn't too watered down and went well with the tapas. 

Complimentary bread with olive oil

The bread was refilled throughout the night but I didn't want to fill up on it so for once, left most of it alone.  It does make a good accompaniment for mopping up any sauce.

Artisan Cantabrian Anchovy with Smoked Tomato Sorbet ($4.50 each)

Having previously read some rave reviews about these anchovies, I was keen to try them.  Would I order them next time? Probably not.  I was not a huge fan of the cold sorbet combined with the salted anchovy.
Zucchini filled with Crab served with Pea and Mint Gazpacho ($9 each)

Out of the two tapas that we ordered, I preferred the zucchini filled with crab.  The flavours in the dish tasted fresh and the saltiness of the roe combined with the zing of the mint was new, something I hadn't tasted before.
Air cured Wagyu Beef with Truffle Foam and Poached Egg ($21.50)

Oh em gee.  This was my favourite dish of the night.  The waiter explained that you were to smush the poached egg in the middle, mess it around with the foam and then fold the paper thin slices of cured waygu over it. As he was talking, he then proceeded to smush the egg himself and start folding - I would have liked to do the honours!  Hands off mr waiter please!

From the specials menu - ox tongue with salsa verde

From the specials menu - Tasmanian surf clams

Both of the larger dishes that we ordered from the daily specials menu were tasty.  The ox tongue was gelatinous, falling apart easily and the surf clams were fresh and chewy.  We had originally also ordered the rabbit meatballs from the specials list but were later advised that unfortunately they were sold out for the night.

The dessert options seemed quite traditional compared to the rest of the menu.

Crème Caramel served with Pestinos ($14)

Churros con chocolate ($12.50)

The flan was nice and not too eggy.  The churros were cooked perfectly - a far cry from the churros that I have tried before!  These were really crispy and burning hot on the outside, then soft on the inside.  The chocolate dipping sauce was slightly too bitter for my taste.  Still, I would order it again for those perfectly cooked churros.

Mo Vida was worth the wait and effort in booking.  I haven't been to the Melbourne locations so can't compare to the original but I'm glad that they have opened up in Sydney!

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  1. I wish I had chosen the air dried wagyu! It looks great. And I think people either love or dislike the sorbet with anchovies :)

  2. Hi Lorraine: You will just have to go back again to try it! :) That's very true about the anchovies and sorbet!