Chef's Gallery, Town Hall

In these frantic months before June, we have been attempting to use up as many Entertainment Book vouchers as possible before they expire.  A crumpled voucher for Chef's Gallery has been in my wallet since the end of last year and the impending expiry was just the kick that I needed to finally go.

In my defence, I have walked by the restaurant previously but was put off by the queues at the front door and the long wait for a table.

This time around, it worked out perfectly as we ventured for a late dinner during the week (not Friday night!).

Chef's Gallery is what I like to think of as upscale Chinese dining.  It has refined interiors, several staff wearing high tech headsets and that special something that you won't find in your cheaper Chinese establishments - a posh ambience.

 Since we were starving, I was incredibly pleased by the efficiency of the staff.   We breezed through the menu and easily picked a few items to share.

 Mixed dim sum sampling platter served with salad ($19.80)

The dim sum platter immediately caught my eye.  Usually reserved for morning yum cha, I couldn't resist needling my friend into sharing it with me.  Late night dim sums is quite the novelty.

I was a little bit amused at the big box used for the small dim sums.  But the amusement was overridden by the yumminess of the chicken and prawn siu mai and the prawn dumplings.  The crab meat spring rolls were also nice but I couldn't taste the crab in the filling.  The little golden cubes were fried savoury daikon radish cakes - my friend claimed these as favourite of the box but they were a bit oily for my liking.

I thought the cucumber side salad was refreshing with the mildly pickled cucumbers.  Unfortunately the chili dressing was too spicy for me and my friend chowed most of it down.

Noodles with chargrilled waygu beef dipped in Sichuan spicy soup ($16.90)

And yet again my weak tastebuds let me down as they could not handle the spicy Sichuan soup.  I did taste the waygu and discovered it to be tender with a lovely, light charred flavour. 

Noodle soup with fried pork ribs ($14.90)

Luckily for me, the light chicken broth with regular handmade noodles and fried pork chop was right up my alley.  It was a simple bowl but incredibly tasty.  The fried pork chop had become soft from the soup and it was comforting to eat.  I also loved the texture of the handmade noodles - soft and springy, not rubbery like ones from the packets.

After the 25% off from the Entertainment Book voucher, the bill came to approximately $20 each.  It was a good deal considering we both left full due to the generous serving sizes of the noodles.  I guess the crowds are onto a good thing.

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  1. No piggy buns? I like Chefs Gallery but like you the crowds do put me off - I've been twice and hope to go back again.

  2. Hi Missy Piggy: No piggy buns this time although I have seen photos of them and they do look awfully cute!