Albion Street Kitchen, Surry Hills

Albion Street Kitchen is a fairly new restaurant from Warren Turnbull of former District Dining and Assiette.  I never had a chance to try Assiette and welcomed the opportunity to try the transformed Albion Street Kitchen with a recent Travelzoo voucher.  The deal cost $49 for $100 worth off the menu - a pretty neat way to lure people in to try the new restaurant.

We originally made a booking for 7pm but due to wonderful circumstances that allowed us to leave early, we arrived at 6.20pm.  The restaurant is short walk up Albion Street near Central Station.

There was only one other table occupied when we arrived at this time and we were shown to one of the best spots by the window.  I highly recommend a window table - so good for a spot of people watching!

Menu (click to enlarge)

The staff seemed to be on top of their game and service was faultless.  Our water was refilled regularly throughout the night, often before it was even empty.

Rosemary and olive oil with bread - complimentary

I was very impressed with the bread offering.  A soft, freshly baked pull-apart bun with scatterings of sea salt over the top.  The scent of rosemary was fragrant in both the oil and the bread.  What a nice change from the usual sourdough, rye, linseed rolls etc!

Before we even received our first course, another complimentary item arrived.

Duck liver pate on the left and goats cheese with beetroot on the right - complimentary

These little morsels were resting on wafer thin crisps.  I had the pate and it was yummy!  It should be on the menu :)

Grilled prawns, avocado, corn bread, burnt capsicum ($20)

Cheese on toast, truffle, asparagus, Pedro ximenez, raisins

Both entrees had beautiful presentation on the plate.  I ordered the prawns and they were cooked very well.  Grilled corn is always yummy and the only thing on the plate that I didn't enjoy was the burnt capsicum - a bit too bitter for my taste.

I had a taste of the cheese on toast and it was a nice surprise.  A very fancy version of what you would expect for cheese on toast.  The cheese was creamy and the mushrooms were full of flavour, helped by the delicate truffle shavings.

By now the restaurant had filled up with several more tables, not a bad showing for a Thursday night. There was a nice ambience with good music playing and the sun setting slowly outside our window.  

For my main, I couldn't go past the pork belly.

 Pork belly, salted caramel apple, heirloom carrots, gingerbread spice ($30)

It was a very generous serving of pork belly, and it went down smoothly.  A nice ribbon of fat, a crispy top and an extra bit of crackling to top it all off.  I was stuffed by the time I finished this plate.

Chatham Island Cod, cauliflower, vadouvan, tamarind gel ($30)

The real star of the plate was the cauliflower.  We both agreed that its slightly burnt flavour surpassed the fish.  Again, I thought the serving size was quite generous.

Before our desserts arrived, yet another complimentary little item was placed in front of us.

White peach mousse and jelly with pomegranate

Honeycomb parfait, fennel ice cream, pinenut praline ($15)

As I said earlier, I was feeling full at this stage but boy, am I glad that I didn't skip on ordering dessert!  I loved the parfait and the small scoops of fennel ice cream and burnt butter ice cream.  The caramel shards were fun to snap and even better to eat.

Crispy cannelloni, pistachio mousse, cherry sorbet ($15)

My friend enjoyed her dessert and I thought the colours in the dish were really pretty. 

After we had asked for the bill, another complimentary item arrived!  This time it was two small squares of passionfruit mousse that were melt in mouth fluffy.

In the end, we only had to pay an additional $30 on top of the voucher value.  Which meant that we had three courses for about $40 each.  I think that is pretty good value!  I'm looking forward to coming back again.

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  1. I went to Assiette about a month before they changed it into it's new incarnation. Food looks quite similar - which is good as Assiette was very delicious.

  2. The passionfruit mousse looks lovely, and I love roasted cauliflower. That nutty note is oh so good!

  3. Hi Missy Piggy: Thanks for the point of comparison, good to know that I've had the chance to try something similar!

    Hi Helen: Roasted cauliflower is so surprisingly yummy!