Mr Wong, Sydney CBD

I went to Mr Wong before I left for holidays, a few weeks after it had initially opened.

Is it still the hottest spot in town?  Because when I went, it was near impossible to get a table for dinner with their no-booking policy.  My friend and I had planned to go one night at 7pm and were thwarted upon arrival by being told that there wouldn't be an available table until 9pm.  Undeterred, we left our number and went to amuse ourselves in the meantime.  At about 8.30pm, we were called and told there was a table free.

Apologies for the poor lighting in these photos - it was dim lighting inside!

Deep-fried Dim Sum Platter (8 pieces) ($32)
 Crispy beef roll, Lobster Mei Si roll, Pear taro croquette, Foie gras prawn toast

The deep fried dim sums were better than I expected.  I usually steer clear from deep fried dim sums at yumcha due to the unhealthy factor.  Mr Wong's deep fried dim sums add a little twist to the usual yumcha offerings.  Out of the selection here, I liked the spring roll filled with beef best.

Mr Wong's drunken chicken ($12)

The drunken chicken was served too cold for my liking.  Instead of being silky and smooth, the refrigerator temperature meant that the chicken was dense and unappealing.  I wouldn't order this again.

Salad of alaskan snow crab, chrysanthemum leaves, nashi pear and ginger ($19)

The alaskan snow crab salad, on the other hand - I loved.  It is definitely not for you if you don't like the taste of ginger because strong ginger permeates the entire dish.  The salad was fresh, delicate and topped off by salmon roe.

Textural salad of poached chicken, jellyfish and pig's ear ($14)

I gladly left the textural salad for my friend to consume - it was all a bit too rubbery for me!

Green apple ice, osmanthus jelly, water chestnuts and coconut sorbet ($14)

Roast white chocolate ice cream, yuzu curd, longans, and raspberries ($14)

Both desserts were exotic and different.  The yuzu curd left a savoury taste in the mouth and I'm not sure if I liked it or not!

Out of the dishes that I had, I would probably only order the alaskan snow crab salad again.  I would definitely revisit to try other items on the menu - if I can get a table!
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  1. Definitely want to try out Mr Wong's one time!

    Osmanthus jelly sounds interesting. What did that taste like?

  2. It's interesting that the often dessert menu at Chinese restaurants is what everyone seems to be raving on about at Mr Wong's. But good to see they still have deep fried ice cream though. lol

  3. Dear retrodaze,

    I was here last week and thought I could probably eat 2 of those Alaskan snow crab salad by myself, what a creative dish that was!

  4. Hi Mobblees: I actually found the jelly to be kind of tasteless! I don't know if there was something wrong with my tastebuds or if that's the way it usually tastes?

    Hi Helen: Haha I guess they've just come up with some exotic, 'out of the box' kind of chinese desserts

    Hi ChopinandMysaucepan: Yes, it's such an interesting combination of flavours isn't it! I hope I get to eat it again soon :)

  5. Hi there! I tried to fill out your contact form but it wouldn't submit - could you let me know where to reach you? Thank you!

    1. Hi Paulina

      Sorry about that, I will fix up the form. In the meantime, you can contact us at retrodaze at