The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room, Sydney CBD

As soon as I saw the Morrison's menu, I knew that I had to go try it - the food sounded yum! It's also in a convenient location on George Street where the old Brooklyn hotel used to be - now it has been revamped and renovated into a completely different look.

We went on a Thursday night after work for some drinks and nibblies. The place was jumping and despite the large dining areas, most tables were filled. The dim lighting and warm vibe felt inviting after a short walk in the winter cold.  I can definitely see the Morrison becoming an after-work favourite with the hordes of Sydney CBD workers.

There was a decent cocktail list and I ordered the Morrison's signature cocktail to sip on - freshly juiced Granny Smith apples blended with rye vodka ($15).   It was refreshing and not too sweet, with small slices of apple adding some crunch to the drink.

Given that the Morrison is an oyster bar, it seemed silly to not order some oysters to try!

We selected three different varieties to try and they each tasted extremely fresh.  

We were a bit perturbed at the menu which asterisked some items as only being available between 3pm to 6pm but the waitress assured us that they were available for dinner.  Yay!

Duck Liver Parfait with Pedro Jiminez jelly and toasted brioche ($15)

The star of this dish was not the duck liver parfait (because duck liver parfait always tastes amazing anyway) - but instead, it was the brioche that had me exclaiming how lovely it was.  It was incredibly soft, like a soft pillow.  Not what I had been expecting! As is often the case with pate and liver parfait dishes, I wished there was more bread. 

Split Garlic 'n' Pernod Prawns
cooked over coals with garlic, Pernod, parsley butter ($26)

These prawns may have been my favourite dish of the night.  How can you go wrong with garlic, parsley and butter?

Warm duck salad

I found the duck salad to be disappointing although my friend liked it.  The duck pieces were a bit tough and the salad a bit dry in general.

Caesar salad with 62 deg hen egg, white anchovy and jamon breadcrumbs ($20)

The egg is buried in this photo but take my word for it, it oozed out like nobody's business once I prodded it with a fork.  I loved everything about this salad - the crisp leaves, the plump anchovies, the smeared egg.  Would happily order this again. 

Overall I was very impressed with the Morrison and can't wait to return to try more of the menu.  I might make a booking next time though - I can foresee this place gaining even more popularity if it's first few weeks are anything to go by!

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  1. been dying to go here! the parfait sounds incredible but man i really want that caesar salad!

  2. Ooh ooh oooh! Those oysters look good and the prawn dish is actually sort-of reasonably priced!

  3. Hi chocolatesuze: Your instincts are right because that caesar salad was sooo tasty - not the healthiest salad around but who wants to eat a healthy salad at dinnertime anyway....

    Hi Tina: It's a nice setup with the oysters, they bring it out on a little raised platform - quite fancy!