Ocean Room, Circular Quay

Lately I have been feeling conscious of my budget and trying to limit my fine dining....to the extent possible.

Ocean Room would fall into a 'special occasion' category but for the fact that it is in the Entertainment Card book.  Cardholders receive 25% off the total bill and lucky for me, I know several people with Entertainment cards!

Ocean Room is located at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Circular Quay.  Their seating style varies from cosy booths to tables for large groups.  It definitely provides a romantic setting, especially on a Friday night with candles flickering on each table.
All of their cocktails sounded delicious and it was hard to pick just one.

Nashi and ginger cosmo ($18)
Absolut pears vodka, Nashi pear nectar, ginger liquer, fresh lime juice and cranberry juice

This interpretation of a Cosmopolitan was divine.  It was sweet, but not sickly sweet and the taste of pears shone through.

Unfortunately I would have to say that the cocktail was probably the highlight of the meal.  Maybe I had high expectations for Ocean Room? Too high?  The food didn't blow me away and I'm glad that we had the Entertainment Card discount.

For my entree, I selected four items from their 'Japanese style tapas' section of the menu.

Left to right: Curry Pan (crispy bread filled with Japanese style waygu beef cheek curry) - $4.00
White Gazpacho (almond milk and tomato water, scallop ceviche and tomato sorbet) - $4.50
Soft shell crab taco (spiced soft shell crab, pickled vegetables, crispy taco shell) - $6.00
Calamari pops (tempura house-made calamari pops, green curry salt, crispy mint) - $4.00

What to say about this selection?  It was rather bland for my tastebuds.  The lowlight was the White Gazpacho, which had the consistency of a light cauliflower puree but tasted like..something very unpleasant.  The mixture of tomato water and almond milk did not go down well.

The calamari pops tasted like plain calamari that you could get from your local fish and chip shop.  The curry pan was cute and, along with the soft shell crab taco, probably the best out the lot but still nothing out of the ordinary.

My friend ordered the spider roll.

Spicy spider roll - soft shell crab sushi roll, fresh tomato salsa ($17)

Spicy potato fries - spiced french fries, shichmi pepper mayonnaise ($8)

Kamo-rosu duck 
Japanese style triple cooked duck breast, soy mirin jus, eggplant and pickled beetroot - ($39)

Chilli and garlic marron
South Australian whole marron, wok tossed with sea salt and live peppercorn blend ($36)

Toban yaki creme brulee
Classic creme brulee, pomelo marmalade, seasonal fruit compote ($18)

Chai tea

I probably wouldn't go out of my way to revisit although having said that, the atmosphere was very lovely and service was great too.

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  1. I know what you mean about having to cut down the spending on fancy schmany places...thank good for meal deal vouchers & the Entertainment Book hey!

  2. Gotta love getting a discount where you can! Japanese tapas- looks so cool and that creme brulee.. mm yum!