Lantern by Wagaya, Haymarket

As a fan of Wagaya, I was excited when I read that they had recently opened up a sister restaurant on George Street called 'Lantern'.   Mobblees and I decided to check it out one Friday night soon after it had opened.

It is located on the second level of the Sun Tower building, close to the World Square area of George Street.  We didn't make a reservation so had to wait about fifteen minutes for a table.  I didn't mind though because we ended up getting a great table overlooking George Street.

The layout of the restaurant was like a maze - deceivingly small as you walked down the hallway past the karaoke rooms, only to open up into a range of booths and seating that stretched out far.

View from our booth and the dimly lit interiors

Lantern has the same touch-screen ordering as Wagaya. It was a little bit glitchy and slow at times but still more convenient than having to flag down a waiter.

Seafood salad ($13.50)

The salad was a large size and slivers of salmon, kingfish and tuna sashimi were buried at the top of the salad.  A refreshing side to the meal.

Chicken namban with tartare sauce ($9.50)

Chicken namban is a great alternative to chicken karaage.  Lantern's chicken namban was thinly sliced and lightly battered, but still deliciously moist and juicy on the inside.

Lightly grilled salmon and scallop sashimi ($13.50)

Rainbow roll ($8.90)

The sushi was fresh and cheap too.  All in all, Lantern is a good addition to the Wagaya family - I'll just have to remember to book next time!

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  1. Hi chocolatesuze : Me too, it is always a safe ordering option!

    Hi jathon: No karaoke this time but maybe next time - it seems like a pretty sweet deal to have order a feast while singing at the same time!