Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant, Hurstville

Lobster is a rare and special treat in my household.  We don't have it often but that only makes it more delicious.

For your viewing pleasure, here is almost 3kg of lobster cooked with garlic and shallots that we recently enjoyed at Sunny Harbour:

Can you say YUM?  There was so much on the plate, I ate chunk after chunk of delicious lobster flesh.  One of the best things about lobster is the ease of eating - no fiddling around like you have to do with crab.  And the lobster legs are so meaty!

Some of the side acts to this dinner:

Mushrooms and choy

Minced chicken with spicy tofu

Fried rice

And the complimentary red bean dessert.

They all pale in comparison to the glorious lobster.

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