4fourteen, Surry Hills

4fourteen is a new, hip restaurant in Surry Hills.  It even has a cool, hip name.  4fourteen.  Rolls off the tongue.  And it's the new creation from Colin Fassnidge, chef at Four in Hand.

Like any food blogger, I was keen to try out this new joint and convinced my friend Mobblees to join me.  Conscious of the crowds that flock to new restaurants, I made a booking for lunch at 1.30pm on a Saturday.

In the interests of exercise, we decided to walk the short distance from Central.  Which meant that we arrived there at about 1pm, earlier than anticipated.  At this stage, the place was mostly empty and I wondered to myself whether I had needed the booking at all but determined that the reservation was a good idea because: 1. We perched on coveted seats looking into the kitchen and 2. The spacious dining area quickly filled up within the hours with hungry diners (this had the added bonus of the kitchen being busy, which in turn means more viewing entertainment).

I loved the high ceilings, exposed beams and arty on the walls.

Looking into the open kitchen from our stools

The pig's tail on the menu quickly caught my eye and it caught the eye of Mobblees too.  Like any good eating pals, we decided to share so we could try another dish from the menu.

Lunch menu (click to enlarge)

When the food came out, I was a bit surprised at how small the portions were.  They were not tiny, but I had imagined them to be bigger.

Crumbed pigs tail, crab and corn salad, avocado puree ($22.50)

The pigs tail tasted like shredded meat that had been crumbed and deep fried.  Needless to say, this is a winning combination and it was yummy.  However, for me, the star of the dish was the crab and corn salad.   The little bits of crab flesh was sweet and when combined with the sweet corn - let's just say that I could have happily eaten a whole bowl of this.

On a side note, I did not like the garish orange plate that it came out on.  This was so random and made me feel like I was eating food from an old 80's kitchen.

The other dish that we decided to share was from the 'fish' section of the menu.

Warm crab roll ($14.50)

For size, it was a little mini burger with a diameter about the same as the palm of my hand.

The soft, grilled bun and taste of crab inside reminded me of a fillet o' fish.

All of the desserts on the menu looked good!  We were torn between ordering a malt sundae but it was ultimately thrown to the curbside in favour of trying the following two desserts.

Bounty ($16)

The deconstructed interpretation of a Bounty was definitely the winning dish between the two desserts that we ordered.  The roasted shards of coconut went so well with the creamy chocolate layered at the bottom of the plate.

Roast Pineapple with Cinnamon and Star Anise ice cream ($14.50)

Silly me - when I ordered this dessert, I thought it was a three flavoured ice cream - pineapple, cinnamon and star anise.  

The pineapple was sharp and tangy in the mouth and the ice cream rapidly melted all over the plate due to the heat of the pineapple.  The savoury taste of cinnamon and star anise in the ice cream was interesting.

I loved the casual, relaxed vibe of a sunny Saturday lunchtime here but I don't know when I will be back again.  Although the dessert servings were ample, I fear that I would need to order two 'mains' and a dessert to fill up my stomach! Maybe on a day when I am not that hungry...

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  1. Crab roll! Swoon...! Looks like a great lunch venue :)

  2. I went here recently and had a great lunch. We spent $40 each on snacks, salads & mains and I was totally full. Sat at the bench looking into the kitchen too - best seat in the house.

  3. Could've really done with two crumbed pigs tail! Was just like pulled pork mmmm

  4. Hi Tina: Crab rolls do tend to make a girl swoon haha!

    Hi MissPiggy: Yes I think adding some sides would have been a good idea for us. Next time! I was eyeing the steamed kipflers!

    Hi Mobblees: Next time no sharing - we need a pigs tail each!