Al-Aseel, Lakemba

I have heard a lot about Al-Alseel from friends and I think it was even referenced in SMH once. A Lebanese friend of mine loves it so it also had that additional vote of authenticity. She assured me that the 'local' branches of the restaurant in Greenacre and Lakemba were a lot better than the one in Surry Hills.   Needless to say, we ended up at the Lakemba restaurant on a rainy night to undertake a feasting.

For dine-in customers, you receive the customary lebanese bread, pickles etc.  I love using the bread to later dip into sauces.
As per usual, we completely over-ordered with our hungry eyes canvassing the menu at the start of the meal.

Baba ghanouj

It was a generous serving size of baba ganouj and the two of us barely made a dent into it by the end of the meal.

Fattoush salad - fried bread, parsley, lettuce, tomato

It was my first time trying fattoush and it was more acidic than I expected.  Very fresh and a good complement to the fried dishes.

Mixed plate - chicken, kofta and lamb

The mixed plate was huge!  For two girls - there were four kofta skewers, four chicken skewers and two skewers of lamb speared with onions.

We barely managed to make a dent into this too.  My favourite was the kofta skewers because they were moist and flavoursome. The lamb skewers were very game-y.

And last but not least, who can resist ordering chips with garlic sauce at a lebanese restaurant?


The sight of that lightly whipped garlic sauce is always a joy.  Great to use as a dip for the chips, the chicken, the lebanese bread....everything really, yum!  Just make sure to have mints afterwards :)

The total price for all of that was a bargain and we boxed up the leftovers to take home.

What is your favourite Lebanese restaurant in Sydney?

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  1. Looks like a wonderful feast. I love fattoush salad...and chips with garlic tuom also.

  2. The chips and garlic sauce will do me!

  3. Hi MissPiggy: It was a huge feast! I think I need to have fattoush salad again, it might be my new side salad at Lebanese places instead of tabouli.

    Hi Tina: Chips and garlic sauce = mouthwatering.

  4. I swear I always eat enough garlic sauce to ward off hordes of vampires! I unabashedly slather it almost everything else in the meal... Well, ok, perhaps not the fattoush =p

  5. Hi Rita: Haha I am the same!!! I always wonder what the trick is to help erase the garlic aftertaste - mints don't seem to do the trick