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One thing that I must say about Etch is that I have been there as a regular customer and I have also been there while dining on vouchers and either way, the service is perfect.  I think that counts for a lot, particularly over the past year where the popularity of daily deal/voucher sites has skyrocketed and a lot of people have been burned with poor service when trying to use their vouchers.  So the first thing is - props to Etch.

On that note, this is yet another post about Etch and yes, you've guessed it - the second time that I have come here on a Travelzoo voucher!  Did any of my readers also purchase this great value Travelzoo deal?  It was a six-course degustation for two people, for the grand sum of $99.  In addition to the six courses, you have an amuse bouche and a pre-dessert.

If you did happen to buy the voucher but not yet been - here is what you get!  Or don't read any further in case you would prefer to be surprised :-)

The amuse bouche was in the form of a tiny cup of sweet corn velouté.  Sweet yet savoury at the same time, it was a good start to the meal.

First course:

Local figs, Woodside goat curd

When I saw this course on the menu, I was slightly apprehensive because I have never been a big eater of figs.  Yet when I took my first bite, I was converted.  It was so smooth and went well with the creamy goat curd.  The little parchments propped on top were some sort of sesame seed wafer that added a crunch to each bite.  This was my favorite course.

Second course:

Salad of mango, crispy prawns, wasabi

This tasted nice but I couldn't help but wish there was just a bit more prawn on the plate....what you see on the photo is 1.5 prawns, crumbed and cut into thirds.

Third course:

Risotto Milanese, picked baby vegetables

Given that it was a cold rainy night, the risotto tasted like ultimate comfort food.  Apologies in advance for my pedestrian tendencies but my only comment to my friend was that the sauce reminded me of Chicken Tonight's honey mustard sauce.

Fourth course:

Caramelized pork belly, smoked kohlrabi, pickled peaches and crispy pigs ear

My pork was quite salty so I made sure to have each bite with a bit of peach to cut through the salt.  I confess, pigs ear is something that I do not like eating.  I ate it because it was on my plate and I don't like to waste food but I was inwardly squirming at sensation of biting through the cartilage, even if it was deep fried.  *shudders*

At the start of our meal, the kindly waiter inquired if we had any food allergies etc, and my friend requested an alternative to the pork.

Alternate fourth course:

Slow cooked egg

I looked on with delight as the egg burst and spilled all over the dish.

Fifth course:

Aromatic slow braised lamb shoulder, cauliflower, garlic spinach

This was probably the most substantive of all courses.  I can't remember how many hours the lamb had been cooked for but it was very soft.  Is anyone else getting bored of cauliflower puree? I feel like it has been around on so many menus that it became the new potato puree...but now I want the new cauliflower puree!

Pre dessert:

Fresh peach with peach jelly and vanilla chantilly cream

Sixth and final course:

Lemon parfait, pineapple, coconut salad, coriander

That cute little white ball is a meringue!  And a very good meringue at that.  I really enjoyed this dessert - the lemon flavour was subtle and not too acidic, in fact I think the passionfruit on top of the parfait overpowered any lemon taste.

If Etch does another voucher, I will definitely snap it up again!

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  1. I did this very same dinner myself and absolutely loved it! Such a shame that Etch is no more - they had some wonderful things there. I absolutely LOVED that lemon parfait btw. So delicious and awesome texture. yum!

  2. Hi Christine: I am so sad that Etch no longer exists, it was one of my favourite restaurants. This voucher was such a bargain - glad you enjoyed it too!