Clipper Cafe, Glebe

I always knew Clipper Cafe would be a good place for brunch. Don't ask me how I knew, I just knew. Whenever I was on a bus zooming along Glebe Point Road, I would see this cute little cafe and make a mental note to come back to try it.

So when the Chief and I made plans to have brunch at Cafe Giulia in Chippendale - only to be foiled upon arrival with a notice posted that it was closed for that one week - I jumped at the suggestion of Clipper Cafe.
The inside of the cafe was just as cute as I had imagined. Filled with little knick knacks placed high on shelves, a ceiling fan and even a bike pinned to the side of the wall. A long communal table with bench seats spanned along one side while the other side was taken up by more private high tables.  We took a high table which was surprisingly comfortable to perch on.

Unfortunately for us, it was hot summer day and there was no air con. The air was humid and muggy inside the cafe and I soon lamented ordering a hot coffee instead of an icy drink.  The Chief was smarter than me and ordered a juice.

There were a lot of yummy-sounding breakfast options on the menu and we deliberated heavily over what to order.

Baked eggplant ($12)
Baked eggplant with home-made Napoli sauce, breadcrumbs, spinach, feta and herb toast

I tasted a bit of The Chief's baked eggplant and the dish was comfort food at its height.  She proclaimed that she thought she could make it at home and I didn't disagree with her.

I felt like eggs and luckily there was an abundance of these on the menu, cooked every which way.

Mushroom pesto eggs ($13)
Free range poached eggs served on Italian ciabatta bread with mushrooms, shaved parmesan cheese and pesto with a side of mixed leaves.  I also added on prosciutto for an extra $3.

My poached eggs were done 'just right' and I took great pleasure in breaking them up with my fork and swirling it around with the mushrooms.

The staff were friendly and diligent in refilling our water jug, for which I was very grateful given the stifling heat.

It seems to be quite a popular cafe, I'm glad that I finally had the chance to try this cute place and will definitely return for more breakfast goodness!

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  1. It's a cute place isn't it! :D I love the decor too, it's just darling. When we went we had the eggy crumpets and bacon-my goodness they were good! :D

  2. Hi Lorraine: The decor is so charming! Eggy crumpets sound amazing - may have to get that next time