Pho An, Bankstown

So Pho. So Good. The first time I saw Pho An's slogan, it cracked me up so hard. It's funny!

Pho An is located in the bustling suburb of Bankstown. Visitors to Bankstown will immediately notice how many Vietnamese restaurants there are, resulting in many choices to get your pho fix.  It is testimony to Pho An's popularity that so many people choose to have their fix here.

Pho An only serves pho and beverages.  That's right - you can't get your pork chop rice, vermicelli noodle salad, rice paper rolls or any other Vietnamese dishes here.  Your choices are basically pho, pho or more pho.  So don't come here if you're not in the mood for pho!

You don't even get a menu when you sit down because their basic menu is up on the walls.  A speedy waiter will sit you down in the cafeteria style seating area and take your order with an electronic pad.  Within minutes, your pho will come out.

At a cost of approximately $12 or so for a medium sized bowl of pho, it is (relatively) a fair bit pricier than the other Vietnamese places serving pho in Bankstown.   Is it worth it?

Personally, Pho An doesn't do it for me.  My tastebuds like their pho, there is nothing wrong with it but I don't experience that special zing which recruits countless diners to declare Pho An as serving the best pho out there.

I do think they have the best slogan though.  

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  1. After reading this review, is it fair to say that your impression of the pho is only "pho pho"?

    Thanks for clearing this up,

  2. Hi Chocolatecol: Pho real, I wasn't blown away by it.