Buffet breakfast at Swissotel JPB Restaurant, Sydney CBD

I have always maintained that one of the best parts of being on holiday is enjoying a buffet breakfast.  There is just something about having a spread of breakfast food before you, first thing in the morning that ensures you start your day off right.   So when you haven't been on a holiday in a long time, one way to feel like you're on holidays is to get yourself to a buffet breakfast.

The buffet breakfast at JPB Restaurant in the Swissotel Sydney costs $35 per person or $25 if you are staying as a guest.  As it so happened, we had booked a night at the hotel for fun so we were able to enjoy the discounted rate.

The buffet spread includes the usual juices, pastries, fruits, cereals and hot foods.  There is also congee and a chef who will make you eggs or pancakes.

What I had:

Chicken sausage, veal sausage, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, hash brown and bacon

Two pancakes with watermelon, rockmelon, poached pears, butter, cream and honey

Omelette with everything - ham, mushrooms, capsicum, cheese, onion etc

To my readers:  what is your favourite buffet breakfast in Sydney?  I am hoping to try the Glass Brasserie at the Hilton next : - )

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  1. I've heard good things about the one at Glass. I'm not much for breakfast buffets, or buffets of any sort, myself as I can't eat all that much anymore but breakfast banquet at Kazbah is very good value for all the food you get!

  2. Hi Rita: The breakfast banquet at Kazbah is crazy value! I love going there whenever we can gather up enough people

  3. Indeed, Australians do have a better breakfast than the Americans do. That's because their breakfast meals consist of healthy and nutritious foods.
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