Bills, Surry Hills

How many times have you heard Bills being referred to as a "Sydney institution" for brunch?


Well you must be living under a rock.  There is a 90% chance that Bills will be referred to in a foodie article about brunching in Sydney.

Okay, I made that statistic up but it seems like a fair estimate to me!

As with most places that receive such high praise, it is with good reason.

We ventured to Bills in Surry Hills one week when there had been a constant stream of wet weather in Sydney.  Yet we were lucky on this day to enjoy a rare day of (cloudy) sunshine and readily soaked up the good atmosphere at Bills.

Due to its 'Sydney institution' status, Bills is very popular. They do not take bookings for brunch and we were lucky to nab the last table available upon arrival although I noted that about half an hour after we sat down, some more tables freed up so it seems like there is good traffic flow.

The one thing that hit me immediately upon sitting down was the warmth and glow of the sunshine coming through the windows.  It streamed through the large windows on the side of the restaurant and everyone was basking in the light.  This amazing light just made everything look so good!  The furniture, the food, the people.  A PERFECT brunch setting!
I started off with a Flat White.

Bills own organic coffee by Single Origin Roasters ($3.90)

Like all Single Origin coffees, it was very smooth and went down well.

As you may know, articles about Bills always seem to mention his signature ricotta hotcakes. 

Ricotta hotcakes with fresh banana and honeycomb butter ($19.50)

What can I say?  They are delicious.  You receive three light and fluffy hotcakes with little pieces of ricotta buried in the batter.  Banana and honey is a classic combination for breakfast and you just can't go wrong with these! Yum yum.

Bills' sweet corn fritters are another breakfast dish that is often cited in articles.

Sweet Corn Fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon ($18.50)

On this occasion, I found them to be a bit dry and wished for some sauce or extra tomatoes to cut through the fritter batter.

There was still a warm glow coming the windows when we finished our meal.  As we paid and left, it felt like we were leaving Brunch-land and entering back into reality where somehow, the sunlight just wasn't as nice as it was inside Bills.

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