Adriano Zumbo Patissier, The Star

You know you have hit the big time when your name is in giant lights.  And you are a pastry chef.


Seriously - is there another pastry chef who has their name in giant lights like this?  The hot pink is amazing and those lightbulbs throw some major bling!  Watch out Hollywood!

Adriano Zumbo's new store at the revamped Star City is extremely different from his venues in Rozelle.  By comparison, the Rozelle venues appear almost traditional when you look at the fitout and design of his newest store - which many have said resembles a Willy Wonka factory.

Let's have a look at the creativity in this store.  It reminds me of a scientist's factory!

The individual cakes on offer are displayed in big lamp-shaped jars at the front of the store.

Each cake is displayed with a small card indicating the components of the cake and the price:

When you go inside the store, the current macaron flavours are displayed in cute little glass alarm cases.  There is also a mini self serve section for croissants, danishes etc.  It was afternoon when we visited, so this might have contributed to the pastries looking a bit lacklustre as though they had been sitting there a while....I'm sure they would have still tasted delicious though :-)

I was saddened to see that the lychee macaron flavour was unavailable - I had already marked this flavour as one I wanted to try!

This store also has a different ordering system available.  A staff member hovers around the store with a notepad, ready to take your order for macarons and cakes.  After you have recited your order, they will pass the order to the kitchen.  When your goods are ready, your name is called out to collect and pay at the cash register. 

I restrained myself to a select number of goodies.

I chose three macarons - Lime & Mint Mojito, Sweet Corn with a hint of Mango and Watermelon & Orange ($2.50 each).  My favorite out of these was the Lime & Mint Mojito.  It was packed with flavour and did indeed taste like a Mojito!

I have always wanted to try Zumbo's famous V8 cake but unfortunately never had a chance to before they stopped producing it!  So I was extraordinarily pleased to discover (thanks to a tip-off from Mobblees) that Zumbo was producing a Christmas version of the V8 cake.

Christmas V8 cake ($10)
8 layers -Cinnamon Creme Chantilly, Morello Cherry Jelly, Pain D'épices, Toasted Nougat Brulee, Vanilla Chiffon Cake, Vanilla Ganache, Pistachio Crunch and Pistachio Dacquoise

All I have to say is - wow.  If you get a chance to try this cake, I highly recommend it!!  Usually I'm not a fan of cherry in my desserts but the thin layer of cherry jelly worked well with the seven other layers in this cake.  There was a variety of texture in every bite - crunchiness, smoothness, density - you can tell a lot of work has gone into designing this cake.  The flavour was incredible too - you could taste some spice, vanilla, pistachio, nougat, cherry .  It was so yummy!

Adriano Zumbo's new store at the Star is unlike any other patisserie that I have seen before.  Props to him for daring to step outside the boundaries and also a big thanks for creating a store in the city!

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