Etch, Sydney CBD (3)

Long time loyal readers of this blog will remember that Etch is one of my favourite restaurants.  (You can read about previous visits here and here!)

So when a Travelzoo voucher popped up - a 3 course dinner for 2 people at the sum of $85, I quickly snapped one up and made a booking on the same day.  The voucher was valid for lunch or dinner, Monday to Friday so I quickly made a coveted Friday night booking on the day of buying the voucher.

Upon arriving at Etch, I was pleased to see that it was the same as my last visit - dim lighting, cosy atmosphere and just general plushness in decor.

The Travelzoo voucher entitled you to pick from a selection of items taken from their normal menu.  Considering that prices for mains are about $30+, this was really great value.  I've put the normal price of the dishes with the photos below so you can get an idea of pricing (and therefore savings!)

We ordered some drinks to start (not included in voucher) - my cocktail was delicious!  Somehow our drinks order got lost and after following up with the waiter, he apologised profusely and said that the drinks would be on the house. [Unfortunately when the bill came, we were charged for the drinks but since it had been a lovely meal, we didn't want to ruin the night by questioning the charge :-) ]


Confit Petuna trout, smoked scallop, radish and wasabi ($25)

One of the things I love about Etch and Justin North's restaurants generally is the presentation of the dishes.  They are always so pretty.

Pea risotto with Swiss brown butter ($23)

We ordered a side of potatoes (not included in voucher)

Provencal potatoes, aged prosciutto and garlic mayonnaise ($9)

Not exactly the most attractive dish, but it sure was yummy.  The flavouring of the potatoes reminded me of Kettle chips!  Embarrassed to say that I ate almost all of the potatoes because my dining companion had a shrinking stomach.


Chargrilled veal rump, Sarladaise potato with malt vinegar jus

Baked snapper, scallop and squid, cauliflower bhaji and curry emulsion


Brillat Savarin cheesecake with Champagne and mandarin sorbet ($16)

Caramel date tart, Earl Grey tea syrup and burnt butter ice cream ($16)

The desserts were amazing and possibly my favourite part of the meal.

By now we were stuffed but the voucher also included tea or coffee with petit fours.

English breakfast tea - served with a charming glass milk jug

Petit fours

The petit fours looked like offerings from the Etch lolly tray which I had not tried before.  The peanut brittle was extremely yummy, as was the chocolate brownie like item next to it. 

What a meal!  What a voucher!  I love dining on good vouchers - who can resist when you're saving money?

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  1. What a great deal! I love etch, especially the caramel date tart.

  2. Tell me if ever you see another Etch offer again, cause I want to try it sometime!

  3. Hi missklicious: that caramel date tart is a sure winner! So yummy!

    Hi Mobblees: Ok I'll keep you in mind if it ever comes up again!

  4. I've been hearing a lot of good news about Etch in Sydney, but every time I look at the pictures for the dishes, I get horribly disappointed with the size. Can you tell us a bit more on whether 3 courses are enough?

  5. Hi edward: I'm really sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Etch has actually closed down in Sydney. Have a look around the blog - there are definitely lots of other places with generous sized portions!