Cafe Cre Asion, Surry Hills

While some may say that the macaron craze is over, the relatively new Cafe Cre Asion shows that it is still alive and kicking.

Located in a small street in Surry Hills, Cafe Cre Asion is a bit tricky to find but lazy people will be pleased to know that it is still a convenient five minute walk from Museum station and Liverpool Street.

Once you discover the tiny cafe, you will be rewarded with this glorious sight:

Isn't that amazing macaron storage?  So pretty!  Possibly the best macaron display I have seen in Sydney.

The cafe is absolutely tiny - the open kitchen takes up half of it and the other half is taken up by about ten miniature stools and tables.

The kitchen half

The stool half

I'm not sure how I feel about the teeny tiny stools.  I felt a bit ridiculous trying to fit my bottom onto the chair and then trying to precariously place my coffee and sandwich on the table.  I would have preferred bar stools lined up against the window facing outside!  Then again, it's not my cafe so who am I to judge :-)

Flat white

My flat white had an adorable swirly heart on the top.  I love coffee art!

Jamon serrano with Tasmanian gruyere on toasted sourdough

The jamon serrano with melted cheese was so wicked with its oozing cheese and oil marks on the napkin....naturally it had to taste amazing.  My fingers became so oily while chowing it down but every bite was sooooo good.

Macarons ($2.70 each)
Flavours - black sesame, dear chris, green tea and jasmine

Unfortunately the macarons got squashed in my bag but they still tasted great!  My favourite out of this lot was the jasmine, it was so sweet and fragrant.  Must return to try some more flavours - and to have that delicious ham and cheese again!

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  1. Looks great. I love Macarons but can't get any decent ones on the Sunshine Coast :(

  2. Yum! I work near here but I can never find the time to go. I want to sample each & every one of their macaron flavours!

  3. Hi Spencer: That is a shame. If you're ever in Sydney, you will definitely be able to get your macaron fix - there are so many places here that sll them now!

    Hi macaronsandmilkshakes: It's well worth the trip if you manage to get a chance! I have to try to visit again sometime, can't wait to try some more flavours.