Watergrill at Sydney Rowing Club, Abbotsford

it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we found ourselves in the Haberfield/Abbotsfield area. My friend suggested that we visit the Rowing Club for a bite to eat, promising an amazing view. The sun was just beginning to set over the water, which meant that I couldn't get a good photo of the view without the glare off the water but true to my friend's word, it was a marvelous view.

I managed to snap one shot to the side of our table.  You can surmise the rest of the atmosphere - relaxed outdoor dining where you can chill out and look across the boats and water.

For once, I wasn't feeling hungry and neither were my companions so we just ordered some nibblies to share.

Mezze plate of grilled haloumi, chorizo, marinated olives, hummus, babaganoush and turkish bread ($18.90)

The mezze plate was surprisingly good.  The squeaky cheese had been fried to a golden brown and the chorizo was piping hot. 

Bowl of chunky fries and aioli ($5.90)

The fries were a generous serving but a bit bland.  Still, it's hard to complain when you're relaxing by the water and munching on fries!

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  1. Haha squeaky cheese, it makes my teeth feel funny too.

  2. I love eating squeaky cheese! I've never had it at home though.