Sushi Hotaru, the Galeries Victoria

>> September 4, 2011

There is a new sushi train in town and everyone is excited!

1. It's cheap
2. It has touch screen ordering
3. The train is REALLY long (novelty factor)
4. Both times that I have been so far - funnily enough, both times on Friday night, we have had to take a number and queue (much like Ichi-ban Boshi upstairs) but haven't had to wait all that long.

I read about how long the sushi train was, but it didn't hit me until we were ushered to our small booth table at the back of the train and three wait-staff tag-teamed in showing us to our seats.

If you sit at a booth table, you can pick plates off the train or order from the touch screens mounted against the bottom of the train.

I am a big fan of touch screen ordering.  It's so efficient and you can peruse the menu for as long as you like.

To start with, I ordered a green tea milk with red bean ice cream - YUM!  The big scoop of red bean ice cream was so good, perched at the top of the drink and I happily mashed it around.

Green tea milk with red bean ice cream ($5.50)

I am always very hungry on a Friday night and tend to order anything that I want, as a reward to myself for reaching the end of the working week.

We quickly discovered that the tables of these two person booths are very small and it soon felt like we were jostling for premium table real estate in re-arranging plates around.

The sushi plates are $3, except for gold plates which are about $7 - namely the sashimi.  There are also side dishes that you can order which vary in price.

Grilled scallop

Grilled salmon

Soft shell crab roll

Crab claws

These balls were really disappointing! On another food blog, a food blogger had ordered these and they were the ones that I like, with stringy insides.

The ones that we received, were literally giant balls of solid seafood extender.


Tuna, kingfish and salmon sashimi (gold plate)

Another plate of salmon sashimi (gold plate)

Tuna hand roll


You can imagine how hard it was to find room for all these plates - plus the plates that my companion ordered!  We stacked them high but at times, several plates came out at once and we didn't had to reshuffle.

All in all, a great new sushi train that is in a convenient location.

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Mobblees,  September 8, 2011 at 9:28 PM  

Yum sashimi looks fresh!
So are all dishes really $3, except the gold ones?
Kinda like Takumi?

retrodaze September 11, 2011 at 9:56 PM  

Hi Mobblees: Yes the dishes are $3, but they have a bigger range of things that cost more than $3 compared to Takumi. Like bowls of noodles, more fried stuff etc.

mademoiselle dĂ©licieuse September 21, 2011 at 9:26 PM  

I didn't realise they had touchscreen ordering! I've only read about the longest sushi conveyor claim and assumed there was only seating around that.

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