Adriano Zumbo, Rozelle

It's a Zumbo day, a Zumbo day!

It was finally time for my second visit to Zumbo ever.  With my previous trip being back in 2009, I was not surprised to see that there had been some changes since then.

One such change was the closing of the old Zumbo cafe near the patisserie and the opening of a new cafe on Terry St in Rozelle.

Zumbo cafe on Terry St

The new location is great because there is ample parking in the surrounding residential streets.  What I don't like about this cafe is the limited amount of seating.  There are 9 coveted barstools in the cafe for dine-in's where you can perch to sip your coffee and eat your sweet treats.  Oh - and you can peak into the kitchen...

And spot Zumbo!

Through a combination of miracles and a family leaving, we managed to score two seats at the window and shamelessly papped some shots of Zumbo with his crew in action.  The kitchen is quite large and there are a lot of people bustling around, baking and stirring.

View inside from the barstool

We also have a direct view of pre-orders waiting to be picked up.  I wonder who was the lucky recipient of these macarons?

We also noticed a lot of V8 cakes being picked up by people. (Side note: immediately after this visit, I proclaimed that I HAD TO HAVE a V8 cake for my upcoming birthday in November.  Unfortunately, since this visit, the cake has disappeared from Zumbo's website!  No longer able to be ordered!  Whyyyyyyy...oh the agony of being so close to buying a V8 cake and gobbling it up on my the dream has been destroyed into smithereens.)

First to be tried was the pear danish.  Recently I discovered my love for a good pear danish - sweet slices of pear, nestled in rich creamy custard and placed in a bed of flaky pastry.  I'm pleased to report that Zumbo's pear danish was delicious.  Yum.  The pastry flaked off and I was tempted to lick the sticky pear from my fingers. 

Pear danish ($4.50) and a flat white

Despite the fact that it was 11am in the morning, we also tucked into Sugar Lips, a heavily sugared raspberry jam donut.

Sugar lips ($4.50)

There is no way that you could eat this without sugar smothering your lips.  We cut it into half and somehow I ended up with half that was crammed with raspberry filling.  It became a bit too tart for my liking and I had to scoop some of it out to avoid a permanent screwed up 'sourface' with every bite.

Of course we also had to get some takeaway treats!

Ultimate chocolate brownie ($5.00)

Macarons - coffee creme brulee, mandarin, salted butter popcorn and butterscotch caramel ($2.50 each).

I loved the little box that the macarons came in!  So sturdy and cute.  At the time of our visit, the Zumbo website was still displaying the Eurasian macaron flavours as being current in store so I was kind of hoping to try them instead.   As it turns out, the macaron flavours had completely changed but but these ones were nice too.

After our little morning snack at the cafe, we decided to walk across to the patisserie on Darling Street....and pick up some more goodies.

Don the Pandan Man (bottom) and Enter the Dragon (top)

They were both delicious and looked too pretty to eat.  Don the Pandan man contained all of my favourite flavours - coconut, pandan and rice pudding.  I was in heaven.

Enter the Dragon consisted of toasted white chocolate mousse and peanut caramel, with some additional savoury flavours like coriander and chilli.

I really enjoyed my second visit to Zumbo and am already planning a third!


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