Brown's Siding Store and Cafe, Medlow Bath

We recently took another road trip to the Blue Mountains and discovered that what used to be the Whisk & Pin cafe has now been renamed Brown's Siding Store and Cafe!

Their website tells us that when the owner of Whisk & Pin sold the brand, she kept the store and renamed it.

I'm pleased to see that everything inside the cafe is still the same, with a bunch of wares to browse before we take a seat for lunch.

Inside the store

It was raining hard outside, with large claps of thunder.  The electricity went out a few times and the cafe would plunge into darkness before switching back on again.  I held my breath each time it went out - I didn't want to venture back into the cold and rain, not without eating first!

Some hot drinks to warm us up

I ordered a coffee and my friend ordered some tea which came in a cute little teapot.

Most of the lunch dishes are around the $17 mark and we each ordered something different.

Fillet Steak Sandwich
served with fresh beetroot, caramelised onions and wholegrain mustard mayo

What a monster of a sandwich! It came out on a massive plate and took up the entire plate, with onions and beetroot spilling out everywhere.  The fillet steak was cut into small strips and generously spread out along the sandwich.  Although it was ginormous,  I would try something else next time because the meat was a bit too tough for my liking.

Pumpkin and Pepita Fritters
with a warm cous-cous, date and pistachio salad

Reuben sandwich
Slow cooked corned beef on rye with Swiss grilled Cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing

The Reuben sandwich was another monster sandwich. The beef was sliced thickly and was thicker than the bread.  A few days after we went to this cafe, I was pleased to see their Reuben featured in SMH's 'Sydney's best Reuben' article here.

Of course, the best thing about eating in a store/cafe is that you get to leave with some goodies! I restrained myself to buying a slab of Whisk & Pin's chocolate brownie, made with Belgian chocolate. This lasted ages and was only $14.50 :-)

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  1. Was the brownie moist inside?

  2. Hi Mobblees: It was dense and crumbly. Became moist if you microwaved it though.