Mecca Espresso, Ultimo

Where Mecca Espresso sits on a corner of Harris Street, there used to be a Gloria Jeans.  Dare I say, this is a much better use of space?

Mecca Espresso recently won the Cafe of the Year award in SMH's inaugural Good Cafe Guide.

We make plans to visit for a Saturday brunch but unfortunately JUST miss the breakfast menu.  And by just, I mean, on my watch, it says we are on time but according to the friendly staff, it is a minute past and they're onto the lunch menu now.  Boo!

We order at the counter from the limited lunch menu (choice of five sandwiches or four salads) and take a seat amongst the no-frills tables and chairs.  There are a lot of people there, including some families with small children.

The coffee comes out and is very good.

We all ordered sandwiches and when they arrive, they are big! Served on stainless steel plates, the fillings are spilling out from underneath the sourdough. 

Smashed chickpea sandwich ($10.50) 
with roasted eggplant, tomato and parsley

Roast chicken with lettuce sandwich

The chicken sandwich is plain but good.  Cold roast chicken and crisp lettuce is a good combination with the soft sourdough and I quickly polish it off.

Would definitely return and this time, early enough to try the breakfast menu!

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  1. Ahhh, the simplicity of a good chicken sandwich! I never used to have butter on my sandwiches until I discovered chicken sandwiches.

  2. Hi mademoiselle délicieuse: The humble chicken sandwich does really hit the spot! Butter is so good too ;-)