Spice I Am, Surry Hills

Spice I Am on Wentworth Ave does not take reservations.  On Saturday night, it opens at 5.45pm so Rehactor and I optimistically aimed to get there at 5.45pm on the dot.  We arrived there at 6pm and managed to snag the last table remaining, inwardly sniggering at the people waiting outside in the cold and praising ourselves on our good luck.

 Menu cover

Unfortunately the table that we've snagged is in a bad location - right in front of the cash register where there seems to be a never ending queue of people standing next to our seats and in the middle of waiters rushing around.

We each order a drink - Thai Milk Tea for me and Coconut Juice for Rehactor.

The Thai tea is deliciously sweet and exactly what I was after. 

You might think I'm a little bit stupid for going to a restaurant called Spice I am when I have a very low heat tolerance threshold.   Anything that is remotely spicy seems to register like a ten on my tastebuds and I can't eat it!

It was only AFTER we ordered that I even thought about the potential spice of the dishes.  Oops.

Lots of patrons were ordering this impressive looking red duck curry served in a hollowed coconut so we followed suit.

Red duck curry (approx $25)

Wow, this was hot!  Way too hot for me, the overpowering chili made my tastebuds numb and I couldn't taste any of the flavours of the ingredients.  

Mussaman curry (approx $17)

This was much better for me - I love mussaman curry.   The beef was soft and fall-apart.  I would have preferred more potato instead of just one big piece of potato (awkward for sharing!). 

 Soft shell crab papaya salad

 This was another impressive looking dish.......but the spice factor defeated me once again!  There is chili scattered everywhere in the salad and not even the fresh zing of the papaya can help me to eat this.  

As we finish off our meal, the waiters come along and quickly clear our table to usher us out, eager to fill our table with waiting patrons.

Lesson learned - next time I must ask for everything to be mild!

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  1. Yum I'm hungry now

  2. wow that thai milk tea doesn't look like it would rehactor well with my stomach!

  3. Hi Mobblees: You're always hungry after reading these posts!

    Hi chocolatecol: It may be a funky orange colour but really just tastes like sweet black tea with a twist :)