Khan Baba, Auburn

Whenever I read about local places that are supposedly adored by famous people, I immediately want to try it.   It doesn't matter if I don't even know who the famous person is, such as in this case, where I read on smh here that a famous cricketer loves to go to Khan Baba in Auburn.

Side thought: I'm not sure why I feel the urge to try these places, after all, shouldn't the opinion of a random cricketer (mind you, I don't even know the rules of cricket let alone watch it, let alone know who the players are) be equal to the opinion of a friend or family member?  Surely a famous person doesn't have more refined tastebuds than our everyday companions.  But anyway, I digress...

I don't usually eat Indian but whenever I do, I always wonder why I don't eat it more often.  And again, that was the case after visiting Khan Baba.

We arrived on an early Saturday night, and were the only ones in the restaurant.  As the night grew later, the restaurant slowly filled up but for a while, we were the only two there.  Heehee

I ordered a mango lassi, a traditional Indian drink made from yoghurt.  It was fetched from a ready supply in the fridge and was great - cool, slightly sour and thick.

Mango lassi ($3.50)

From the menu, we ordered a number of things to try.  Each dish came out piping hot and it was a great feast to be had!

Plain naan ($1.90) and Garlic Naan ($2.50)

The naan was sooooooooo good.  Hot, fresh and a little bit oily, I loved tearing it up into little bits to dip into the sauce.


The rice was huge and more than enough for the two of us.

Tandoori prawns (entree - $15.90)
Shelled tiger prawns marinated in tandoori sauce and grilled in a clay oven served with lemon garlic sauce.

The tandoori prawns were pleasant, a bit spicy, nothing to hugely rave about.

Chicken tikka masala ($13.90)
Boneless char grilled chicken cooked in a wok with capsicum, spring onion, tomatoes, green herbs and garnished with fresh ginger.

The chicken tikka masala was spicier than I expected.  The mango lassi came in handy to wash away some of the heat in my mouth.  Bear in mind, my tolerance level for spice is very low so you might not find it to be as spicy as I did!

The serving size was deceptive, the bowls look small when they are brought out but it was extremely filling.

Butter chicken ($14.00)
Chargrilled chicken fillet finished in cream, cashwenut and tomato sauce

Mmm....the butter chicken was delicious.   This was the sauce that I loved to dip the naan bread into.  Not spicy at all, just smooth, yummy sauce that tasted great with the rice too.

As you can see, the prices are more than reasonable. A great Indian dining experience and I would definitely like to return to Khan Baba to try some of their other dishes!

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  1. The chicken tikka looks like sweet and sour pork hehe.

    No curry?

  2. Hi Mobblees: I didn't notice the resemblance to sweet and sour pork until you pointed it out.

  3. nice work retro - these pictures make me want to get curry in a hurry!

  4. Hi chocolatecol: You're a poet and didn't know it! Thanks for the compliment re pictures :)