Pho at Flemington

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the place that we went to in Flemington for pho! If you know Flemington, then you will understand my problem. I rarely go there ( I think this visit was the first time in years) and there are countless pho places.

So you will just have to enjoy the pictures.

Our condiments by the window

Rare beef and beef balls pho ($8

In this pic, the beef balls have risen to the surface :)

Rice noodles with spring rolls and lemongrass chicken

Dipping sauce that came with the rice noodles

At the end of our meal, we noticed some people had just come in through the doors but there weren't any empty tables . Undeterred, the waitress came to stand next to our table and pointed to us, loudly calling out to them, 'These people are about to leave!"

I guess that was our cue! We paid our bill and left, having a small chuckle - naturally the high number of pho places in Flemington is to meet demand, and business is booming!


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  1. Woah $8! Bargain! Would you recommend it?

  2. Hi Mobblees,

    It was pretty good but I think Flemington would be a bit of a trek for you!

  3. Bahaha, that's more than a subtle hint to leave!

    Although it's happened to me at other cheap 'n cheerful joints, I don't mind as long as the food's good. Love the look of the rice vermicelli here.

  4. OMG i miss good Aussie Vietnamese food sooooooooooo much!
    I even miss flemington a little.

  5. pho-shiz - this is the best pho in Sydney

  6. Hi chocolatecol: High praise indeed