The Argyle, the Rocks

One sunny Friday, not too long ago, a colleague and I went for a walk during lunchtime in search of somewhere that had some seating in the sunshine.

Somehow, we ended up all the way over at the Argyle! It does have a great open-air courtyard but we hadn't intended to walk that far.

In any case, we were there and hungry.

The menu is fairly standard. It consists mainly of pub-style dishes with a fancy twist added - meaning, of course, that the price is a little higher than your normal pub dishes.

There weren't that many people there, and our food came out quickly.

Club sandwich ($18)

Toasted triple decker with chicken thigh, lettuce, tomato, bacon and our Chef's secret sauce served with French fries

My colleague ordered the club sandwich and while it was a generous serving, it didn't seem particularly special

Wagyu beef burger ($18)

Char-grilled 200g Wagyu burger, lettuce, tomato & all the trimmings served with wedges

I ordered the Wagyu beef burger and it was also nice, in a plain kind of way. There was an unusual addition though.

Check out that fuschia coloured sauce! I think it was a substitute/new fangled way of having beetroot with a beef burger. There was another small twist of deep fried onions. On a whole, the burger was satisfying but not note-worthy.

Where are your favourite places for a lazy Friday lunch?

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  1. Was the Wagyu beef any good? They gave a decent size, quite thick.

  2. Hi Mobblees: The Waygu beef burger was okay, I wouldn't revisit just to order the beef burger. The burger was a substantial size, too big to be able to fit your mounth around.