Logan Brae Apple Juice

As I write this post, I'm drinking a glass of Logan Brae apple juice.

You see, on our recent spontaneous Blue Mountains road trip, we made stop off at the Logan Brae apple orchard at Shipley Plateau

I was a bit skeptical as we walked into the dilapidated shed, but my friends assured me that this apple juice was absolutely delicious.  So much so, that we bought ten bottles of 3L bottles between the three of us. Buying ten bottles meant that we got a discount so each bottle was $4.20 each.

The colour of the juice is much clearer than the apple juice that you buy from the supermarket, which is usually a light brown.  The Logan Brae apple juice is almost clear.

So clear that you can see the counter through the juice!

And the verdict?  It is very nice.  After refrigerating the juice for a while, it tastes crisp and sweet.   

The guy who served us was also quite nice,  I wanted to buy an apple for a friend to taste and he gave me one for free instead! :)


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  1. aw yum i have a weakness for apple juice!

  2. Hi chocolatesuze: apple juice is so nice, I think it's underrated and more places should offer it next to orange juice on the menu!