Chophouse, Sydney CBD

When I think of bookshelves that smell of rich mahogany, I think of Chophouse.

It is a great place to go for an after-work drink if you're feeling swanky. On weeknights, the clientele is mainly suits who fill up the open air tables outside for a drink. Inside, there is a bar and further inside, is the restaurant.

The atmosphere is great but I found the dishes to be a bit hit and miss.

I only took pics of my own food because it was bit too dark to take pictures of my friends' dishes.

Soy and linseed bread



It is always so tempting to fill up on soft and warm bread before the meal!

I could easily get full just from eating bread before a meal. Embarrassing but true.

I ordered two dishes, which my friends and the waiter discouraged me from doing. They said I wouldn't be able to finish it.

In hindsight, they were partly correct but I was spurred on to prove them wrong (No one can tell me what or what not to eat! Take that!)

180g Wagyu beef burger with fries (ordered from the 'barside' section of the menu) - $15.90

The beef burger was a good size considering it was on the 'barside' section of the menu. It was deliciously cheesy.

Crispy pork belly and sea scallop salad - $19.50
Chinese cabbage, coriander, pea shoots & soy vinaigrette

Despite being a generous size, this salad wasn't great. The pork belly wasn't crisp, it didn't have any crackle. It was just fat, and lukewarm. The rest of the salad was just shredded vegetables and the flavours didn't mix as well as it sounded like it would from the menu. I left a lot of this untouched.

Potato puree (side dish) - $9.90

You can never go wrong with mashed potato.

I really like the atmosphere of Chophouse so I would return - but next time, I'm going for the red meat!

Chophouse is located at 25 Bligh St Sydney
Open: Mon- Fri from 12pm, Sat from 6pm
Phone: 1300 CHOP IT (1300 246 748)


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