Whisk & Pin, Medlow Bath

I haven't visited the Blue Mountains since I was a kid so when my friends suggested a spontaneous road trip, I was all for it.

We carefully planned two meals for the day - lunch and afternoon tea, with some scenery in between.

Lunch was at Whisk & Pin in Medlow Bath, a great little cafe/store located near the Medlow Bath train station.

Entry to the cafe

We were greeted warmly and took a seat at one of the tables inside.

They have an open kitchen near the entrance so you can see your food being prepared.

The open kitchen

The interior had a cosy feel to it. A row of shelves lined the side wall, filled with various condiments, muesli, dressings etc available for purchase. It reminded me of the stock that you find at DJs food hall! I spied Tetsuya's stocks, Bitton's jams, plus they had their own homemade jams. Made for great browsing while waiting for the food to arrive.

We were all quite hungry yet also aware of the fact that we planned to have afternoon tea in about an hour!

The lunch menu (click to enlarge)

There were also specials written up on a blackboard (including some drool-worthy sounding desserts) but we ended up ordering from the laminated menu card and decided to share.

It took about fifteen minutes for the food to come out, during which we browsed to our heart's content in the store.

Pumpkin and Pepita fritters with a couscous, date and pistachio salad ($17)

These tasted lovely, in a subtle, organic way. The fritters were deceptively filling and the salad was a nice accompaniment.

Classic Fish Pie with smoked cod, barramundi and creamy mash ($19.50)

I was disappointed that the pie was served in a small dish without any pastry. The mash was very creamy and the inside had generous servings of fish but when combined together, it was a bit salty and some pastry would have really balanced it out.

Smoked salmon with crunchy potato cakes, fresh cream and greens ($19.50)

The crunchy potato cakes were a winner, like small hash browns that went well with the smoked salmon.

As you can see, the prices are a teeny bit higher than what you might normally pay for lunch in Sydney (depending on where you go, of course) but the atmosphere was great and the ingredients were fresh. If we weren't going to eat again very shortly, I would have had a coffee and dessert as well!

After all that browsing, it seemed inevitable that we would leave with purchases. I bought a jar of Blue M passion butter (which I have since used to make icing for a sponge cake = yum!), and was delighted with the bag that it came in. I love cute store bags, even though I shove them in a corner when I get home - into the bag pile - never to use again until I randomly need a bag for something.

Anyway, here is the delightful bag:

Cute, right?


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  1. Love a good day trip from Sydney :) Haven't been to Blue Mountains in a while. I'll remember Whisk and Pin when the weather is not so cold. *shivers*

  2. Hi foodwink: It has been awfully cold lately! At least you can spur yourself on with the thought of warm, hot food at the end of the travel journey!

  3. That mash makes me feel like a Harry's pie now.

  4. Hi Mobblees: I haven't had Harry's in ages! I should revisit sometime - but I normally get a pastie, which doesn't have mash on it.