Lilianfels, Blue Mountains

Lilianfels is located about a two minute drive from the Three Sisters. It is a hotel that also offers high tea.

Front entrance to the hotel

There is also a back entrance and it seems like guests and diners can wonder freely through the lobby and dining area.

Behind the hotel

Although there was lovely outdoor seating, it was far too cold to do anything but take a seat in the plush indoor seating.

Outdoor seating - would be perfect in the spring and summertime

Indoor dining area - high back soft chairs and grandma-type couches - much better for the chilly autumn weather!

The dining part of the hotel is called The Lounge.


Given that we had just eaten lunch about forty minutes ago, suddenly my stomach wasn't sure if it could handle an entire high tea.

Hence I was pleased to see that aside from the high tea, you could order scones by themselves.

We ordered a high tea to share, and two sets of scones.

Home made scones with clotted cream and jam ($15 for 2 pieces, including choice of tea)

I was very pleased indeed when the scones arrived! They were warm and nicely rounded, dusted with flour on top. The servings of jam and cream were generous - don't you hate it when you constantly run out of jam and cream, having to ask for more? This is coming from someone who loves to slather jam and cream onto their scones.

The price was a highlight as well - two large scones, jam, cream AND choice of tea for only $15?

I'm sold.

I'm even more sold when the tea is presented in such a cute manner.

Hot water, tea and milk

Each of us was given our own serving plate for the tea which meant that we had to get another table because it wouldn't fit!

High tea - $45 per person
(serving for one person in the picture)

There were two tiers to the high tea for one person.

Savoury tier

Sweet tier (four sweet treats and the jam/cream for the scone)

I had a few items to taste. The lemon meringue tart was delicious - the pastry short and crumbly.

We were all absolutely stuffed by the end of it.

I would definitely visit Lilianfels again, just for those scones!


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  1. Have you tried making scones? I've only tried once and they turned out! It's pretty easy too, homemade scones are the best!

  2. What a nice setting for high tea! I hate it as well when places are stingy with the jam and cream, slathered is the only way to go.

  3. HI Mobblees: I haven't tried making scones before, but I might try one day!

    Hi missklicious: Definitely worth visiting if you're in the Blue Mountains!