Food from Overseas (Part 3)

I know this post is long overdue - but what can I say, full time work is exhausting! The hours are long, meaning I'm usually pretty tired after work and don't get as many chances to eat out as I used to.

Anyway, I can hear you thinking 'Quit whining and get on with the food posting'. I hear you!

So this post is about food in Hong Kong.

What can I say about the food in Hong Kong?

Well for starters, it is cheap. Very cheap. With the exchange rate being about 1 AUD = 7 HKD, you'll find that most meals at lunchtime will cost you about 3 AUD. Clearly there are places that will be expensive but the majority of casual dining won't break your bank.

One of my favourite HK places is Cafe de Coral. There are numerous Cafe de Corals in HK, you only have to walk a few blocks to find another one. It serves Cantonese cuisine, fast food style. The menu changes for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. And it does a mean HK style milk tea (my fave!)

You order at the counter and receive a receipt with a number, then go to the food preparation area and give them the receipt so that they know what to make for you. Don't stand around waiting for your number to be called because you need to give them the receipt first!

Here is an example of a Cafe de Coral meal that cost roughly 3 AUD.

Milk tea with chicken & mushroom rice

But if you don't feel like eating something mass produced, you never have to walk far to find a little eatery.

For example, here is a meal that I had a dumpling place in Jordan.

Fried dumplings

Passionfruit ice tea with pearls - check out the generous pearls!

Cream corn soup with vegetables - wonderfully soothing on a cold day

And that whole meal set cost about 5 AUD!

I also had some non-Chinese food in Hong Kong. There are a number of food chain stores in Hong Kong that serve Western food. One of these is Cafe Junior, which serves pasta (and other things.)

But of course you don't really come to Hong Kong to eat Italian food, so I ordered a green tea milk to wash it down with :)

Another place that you'll see frequently is Spaghetti House. Despite it's garish cartoon logo, it's actually quite a nice place inside, with proper cutlery and all the trimmings.

We ate there once and I got this lobster bisque bowl.

Mmm...bisque under that lovely pastry

Caesar salad from the Spaghetti House
I just noticed that beautiful rose garnish!

Japanese food is also done surprisingly well in Hong Kong.

Cold udon with scallops - light, refreshing and yum!

When you're travelling, you always see interesting concepts happening with food.

Agnes B is a popular label in Hong Kong and I was surprised to see that they also have a concept cafe. I think it was in the Times Square shopping centre, but can't remember. I do however, remember this slice of cake.

Look at the Agnes B logo and writing on the plate - very cute!

Although it was relatively expensive for Hong Kong standards, I was disappointed to see that the cake was served with a wooden fork? It is hard to lick chocolate off a wooden fork!

One of my favourite, favourite things to do in Hong Kong is to go for a 'markets dinner'. This is dinner that you would have at a 'restuarant' at the side of a market. There is outdoor seating, and you sit at stools. The atmosphere is fast paced and often the seats are all taken. Despite the less than hygienic appearance, the food is absolutely delicious. There's also live seafood that you can order.

The restaurants open until very late at night. The latest that I have been is about 2am (late night second dinner anyone?) and although there were fewer people and the markets were closing, the place was still bustling.

Here are some dishes that I ate at 'markets dinner' at the Temple Street Night Markets.

Stock-standard sweet and sour pork

Ohmygod - this is the best salt and pepper squid EVER. I could eat a whole plate by myself. The batter is light, the squid is tender and they serve it with a vinegar dipping sauce.

There's a story behind this next dish. After being to Taiwan and having the tasty snails there, I noticed that many people were ordering snails at their markets dinner. I bravely decided to order a plate and my friend encouraged me (despite the fact that she didn't want any herself)

They were. Absolutely. Disgusting.

I have never eaten snails before that actually tasted like what I think your average garden snail would taste like. The texture was gritty and each body was a little plump slug. I wanted to vomit it out.

I think I ate one, and then waited for ten minutes before trying another - only to realise that it tasted just as bad as the first.

So I discreetly placed the plate underneath my chair (yes, when you're eating on the street, you can just put plates of food under your chair and actually, we put lots of plates under our chairs after finishing because our table was too small for all the food that we ordered!)

Anyway, let me show you a sample dessert.

Watermelon sago.....bliss

And a photo of the pool at one of the Hong Kong hotels that I stayed at.

Unfortunately it was winter and the pool wasn't open for use!


We have been writing about food in Sydney since 2009. No place is too far or too wide for us to travel to visit. We always give an honest opinion and love to hear your comments too. Here's to an ever-growing society of foodies!


  1. Love the endless food options in Hong Kong!

  2. Hahaha those snails looked like they had just been picked from the garden!

    I feel like coconut sago now.

  3. omg. can we go back again this year and eat more of that squid and the sausage rice and tofu pots??
    ahhhh sooooooo good!

  4. Wow, what a steal! My dad loves these kinds of places :P

  5. Hi missklicious: Me too, there is so much food to try in HK!

    Hi Mobblees: they tasted like they had been as well! Sounds like you need a visit to the sago stall in Chinatwon night markets..

    Hi slinky: you're the one who is a fan of the sausage rice but I'll gladly return for more of that squid

    Hi Lorraine: sounds like your Dad and I should be friends!

  6. This post seriously makes me miss Hong Kong, its food and its shopping.

    PS. Quite liking the new, lighter layout too =)

  7. Hi mademoiselle délicieuse: I felt like it was time for a blog layout change :)

    HK is so much fun, I feel like there is an endless amount of food to try and a lot of the stuff, you just can't get here! Or if you can, it's just not the same.