Food from Overseas

Hello readers!

After two long months of travelling, I am back in beautiful Sydney town. Absence surely makes the heart grow fonder, yes?

I've actually been back for a while but haven't had the time to blog since I've started full time work. So apologies for the delay!

My trip was divided into two parts: Asia and then the United States.

Let's start off with a quick look at some food that I ate in Shanghai.

Warning: only click 'read more' if you're ready for a pic-heavy post!

We stayed at Le Royal Meridien with a room rate that included daily buffet breakfast.

This was quite possibly one of the best buffet breakfasts that I had ever been to! While my travelling companion snoozed away in the morning, I made sure that I was down there, trying as much as possible! There was an omelette chef, a sushi chef, a person dedicated to slicing and replenishing the fresh fruit...

Here is an example of what I ate at breakfast.

A good daily buffet breakfast is one of the highlights of travelling and this hotel put out an amazing spread.

I did try some traditional Shanghainese dishes....

Can you believe that I only had xiao long baos once in Shanghai??? Crazy!

The above were some sort of glutinous, slightly savoury puddings. I didn't really like these and my Shanghainese friend gave me a verbal bashing for daring to dislike them.

Yummy noodle dumplings

One of the more interesting things that I ate was this:

Deep fried crab on a stick!

They were sold by a street vendor at the People's Square. Bathed under a glowing yellow light, they looked like they would be piping hot and I couldn't resist.

Unfortunately, it was practically inedible. This wasn't a soft shell crab, it was hard shell! Not only that, it was cold. Fail.

Although I was in China, I still looked for my favourite type of food - Japanese.

Above is a bowl of ramen that looks great but didn't taste great. It was lukewarm, the ramen noodles stuck together and it was just bleurgh.

At one restaurant, I ordered a California roll and was amused by the presentation.

It also came with a plastic hand glove! No mess!

As it turns out, this wasn't a traditional California roll as it had kiwi fruit in it!!

Lastly, one night we went out to a Japanese all-you-can eat restaurant. Think Suminoya, but without the grill. It cost a measly 30 AUD each and we went nuts with the ordering. Here is a small sample of what we ate that night...

Mango ice cream

Green tea ice cream

Deep fried oysters

Agedashi tofu

Deep fried sweet potato?

Drinks were included with the set price...including alcoholic drinks! I think that green thing with melon vodka and that short glass was peach milk vodka???

Sukiyaki hot pot

If I ever go back to Shanghai, I would definitely hit up that all-you-can-eat place again - talk about value for money!!! If memory serves me correctly, there wasn't even a time limit!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of Taiwan....


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  1. Yum! Everything looks so delicious.

    I love sampling all the fantastic food when I go on holidays (time for indulging!) but I always have trouble trying to fit in everything I want to eat. Hehe

  2. I wish we had that Japanese buffet here!

  3. Mm everything looks so good!
    Especially the breakfast

  4. Hi missklicious: I agree, trying to fit everything is hard! Travelling always means lots of snacking - in addition to the three meals each day!

    Hi Mobblees: I wish we had it too.

    Hi Kristy Sayer: The breakfast was such a smorgasboard of good food!

  5. Wow really want to check out the food in Shanghai! The gloves are such a handy addition!