Recession Lobster: Sunny Harbour Seafood, Hurstville Recession Lobster: Sunny Harbour Seafood, Hurstville Reviewed by retrodaze on 9:27 PM Rating: 5

Surry Hills Festival

3:23 PM
I love festivals! And thankfully, the Surry Hills Festival was bigger and better than last year. There were loads of food stalls, lined on e...
Surry Hills Festival Surry Hills Festival Reviewed by retrodaze on 3:23 PM Rating: 5

David Jones Food Hall

11:44 PM
Food halls are the best. I don't know why Australia hasn't embraced the food hall like Japan has. Seriously, department store food h...
David Jones Food Hall David Jones Food Hall Reviewed by retrodaze on 11:44 PM Rating: 5

First Taste, Hurstville

9:00 AM
Lately there have been a lot of new restaurants popping up around Hurstville. First Taste is one of these new places, situated along the bus...
First Taste, Hurstville First Taste, Hurstville Reviewed by retrodaze on 9:00 AM Rating: 5

St James Hotel, CBD

5:26 PM
There are quite a few reasons why I call myself an 'amateur' food blogger. One reason being my poor quality camera - not really a ca...
St James Hotel, CBD St James Hotel, CBD Reviewed by retrodaze on 5:26 PM Rating: 5

Max Brenner, Wynyard

10:28 PM
Yay! Another chocolate cafe! I am loving these chocolate cafes that are springing up all over the CBD. They make the perfect place to go to...
Max Brenner, Wynyard Max Brenner, Wynyard Reviewed by retrodaze on 10:28 PM Rating: 5

Japanese Hontou pancake

10:43 AM
The Japanese Hontou pancake stall usually has a line of at least six people deep on Friday nights at the Chinatown markets. Luckily I have...
Japanese Hontou pancake Japanese Hontou pancake Reviewed by retrodaze on 10:43 AM Rating: 5

On Ramen, Haymarket

5:45 PM
I'm going to make a big call now. On Ramen has the best katsu chicken. Ever. It is light and moist. The batter isn't too thick b...
On Ramen, Haymarket On Ramen, Haymarket Reviewed by retrodaze on 5:45 PM Rating: 5

Sweets for the Sweet

11:47 AM
This is in response to a request by one of my readers: Vanilla and strawberry crème brûlée tart ($4.40) from the Broadway Bourke St Baker...
Sweets for the Sweet Sweets for the Sweet Reviewed by retrodaze on 11:47 AM Rating: 5
Revisiting an old friend: The Glebe Markets Revisiting an old friend: The Glebe Markets Reviewed by retrodaze on 10:23 AM Rating: 5
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