There's nothing I hate more than price hikes

Exhibit A:

This baby set me back $1.50! Admittedly, I grabbed it from the fridge and it was a city asian grocery story but come on! I wasn't expecting anything higher than $1.20. At first I thought they said 1.15 but when I didn't get any change back, well, my face just fell

Remember to check this blog for more updates regarding the soaring prices of basic food around Sydney. You read it here first.

Review: Sanctuary Hotel

After reading GYF's post on Sanctuary Hotel, it was only a matter of time before I tested out the relative to St James Hotel. There are a lot of similarities between the two, particularly in the decor inside. I was happy to see that when we went on a Friday afternoon, there were plenty of seats to choose from and the wait for our food wasn't too long.

But enough with the chit chat, I know what my readers have come here to see: amateur food photos.

250gm Angus rump with mash ($11) with mushroom sauce ($2)

Lightly battered calamari with Namjin sauce ($10)

Double decker BBQ steak sandwich with chips ($13)

I think the sandwich was the weak player out of the three dishes. The overwhelming taste of onions and sauce reminded me of a sausage sizzle that you could get for free at 0-week.

The Angus rump was yummy, and I recommend shelling out an extra two dollars for your choice of sauce as it makes all the difference!

Rating: 7.5/10

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Eveleigh Farmer's Markets

Did you know that the Locomotive Workshops and the Carriageworks in Redfern look exactly the same? Very easy to get lost....and very unfortunate, considering that they are on opposite sides of the train tracks...

Anyway, I have come to the realisation that not all food photos are worthy of being posted to a blog. Nonetheless, here are some photos of my lunch on the day - a chorizo and onion roll with tomato and basil sauce from some Smokehouse stall.

And after a few bites, you can see the true filling:

Do I recommend the markets? It was smaller than I expected and not as many ready-to-eat hot food stalls as I would have liked. If you're after olive oils and cheeses, then this is the place for you. Almost all of the stores have taste testing. I confess to helping myself to more than a few fruity marshmallows from a patisserie stall.

But all in all, there are other markets in Sydney that I prefer.

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