El Bahsa, Newtown

The Vintage Queen and I met up one Saturday morning to have Newtown brunch.

We both purchased a Rooibos Iced Tea with Blood Orange and Mint (nowhere near as nice tasting as that description sounds!!! Tasted like very watered down rooibos tea with no hint of blood orange or mint - despite mint leaves being in the tea) from Black Star Pastry. Here are some pics that I snapped of Black Star's goodies:

Sadly for us, there weren't any free seats at Black Star Pastry and we were refused entry at the café next door because of the iced tea, which they thought was coffee from another place. (it had been served in a styrofoam coffee cup).

After wandering about a block of King St, we popped into El Bahsa which looked very welcoming with booth seating and cushy chairs.

Sample menu

I was just after an ordinary breakfast so didn't have particularly high expectations but I was quite pleasantly surprised at how nice the breakfast was.

I ordered the 'Newtown Big Breakfast'.

The waitress informed me that it came with both orange juice AND tea/coffee. You can have the best of both worlds!

Orange juice (included with the Newtown Big Breakfast)

Flat white (included with the Newtown Big Breakfast)

When the breakfast arrived, I was taken aback by how big it was. The plate took up half the table! Duh, I should have been forewarned by the 'Big' in the title! :)

Newtown Big Breakfast - $13.50

Another shot of the big breakfast

In this breakfast was:

- two fried eggs
- two large slices of thick white toast (hidden at the bottom of the plate) and two Devondale butter pats
- one hash brown
- one sausage
- LOTS of bacon (I could only finish half of the bacon on the plate)
- grilled tomato
- mushrooms

Phew! I made a valiant effort but still had to leave one egg, one slice of toast and some other things on the plate.

The Vintage Queen went for the more subdued option of scrambled eggs on toast.

Eggs on toast ($6.90)

This was still a big serving with two thick slices of toast and grilled tomatoes.

All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and the Big Breakfast is extremely good value. I think the wise thing to do in the future is to share it though - one person could have the juice, one person could have the coffee, you get one slice of toast each, one egg each etc etc. In retrospect, it looks like it was designed for sharing!

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  1. Strawberry and Watermelon? Wow . . sounds so delicious.

  2. No, I think it is designed for one person.

  3. My goodness, look at that inch-think toast! It's the equivalent of eating four slices of sandwich bread *faint*

  4. I agree with (cringe) BiG_bOy.
    You're going soft.

  5. Too bad you didn't like your rooibos tea. I don't know if you prefer flavored rooibos over unflavored, but fyi, Wisdom of the Ancients brand has one of the few pure unflvored rooibos teas available. At least, that's the one I would try.

  6. Hi SK: The cake looked delicious as well. Next time...

    Hi BiG_bOy_95: For one hungry person!

    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse: I think I would have been satisfied just eating the two slices of toast :\

    Hi Sahara: I'm not soft, I'm only human!

    Hi yodasmith: Thanks for the rec,I'll check out Wisdom of the Ancients!