When the Pastry Chef discovered that I had never eaten cannoli before, this was quickly remedied by the appearance of three - one with vanilla custard and two with a chocolate cream filling.

I didn't know what to expect. A deep fried outer? And then a soft filling? Crazy!

So I nibbled a bit of the outside and it was....pretty good!

They were dusted with icing sugar and I took one of the chocolate ones to try.

It was a bit of a mess eating them but the payoff was worth it. I'm happy to be able to now say that I have eaten cannoli!


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  1. still going strong even while overseas... keep it up! the big bucks sponsorship money will be rolling in soon!

  2. I absolutely love cannoli! When you get around to it, try ones that are filled with ricotta, mascarpone or a combination of both. And, although harder to find, cannoli filled with gelato are beautiful =)

  3. Oh my, cannoli filled with gelato sounds absolutely delicious!!!!