Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Beverly Hills

When this restaurant first opened (I can't remember how many years ago), I was very impressed by the food and thought it was one of the best Chinese restaurants in the St George region.

Restaurant exterior

I had not visited for a while and after this visit, I now beg to differ. The food on this occasion was quite ordinary and in some ways, a bit lacking. Perhaps the chefs have changed?

They've put up some new professional photos of food on the walls.

As the dinner was held in my honour, I picked all of the dishes.

Complimentary peanuts

So you can stop reading now if you're the follower of my blog who complained that I 'do reruns' of posts because of course, I ordered all of my favourites (but stay tuned for which dishes are no longer my favourite).

Complimentary soup at the start of the meal

We started with some large, plump oysters.

Oyster with XO sauce and vermicelli

Close up of the oyster

They were quite nice but I don't like spicy flavours so slipped the topping off my oyster to someone else.

After having the delicious shandong chicken at Rising Sun (which is across the road from this restaurant), I ordered it again here.

Shandong chicken

It was a bit disappointing. The skin was too crispy and the meat had not soaked up the juices in the sauce, meaning it was dry. In fact, I would wager that their crispy skin chicken (a different dish) had just been placed onto the plate, with no chance to have those shandong flavours coming through.

Tofu and egg whites with prawns, scallops and vegetables

This dish was also lacking - I like the tofu/egg white combo to be soft and almost mushy but this fell on the solid side.

Mushrooms with bok choy

Salt and pepper pork

Nothing to say about those two dishes. Ordinary.

Then we had our complimentary dessert soup and fresh fruit plate.

Green bean dessert soup

Watermelon and Oranges

So I guess you're wondering which of these favourite dishes are on the chopping block?

Well, the shandong chicken for one. It is just too risky to order when the restaurant doesn't do it right.

The tofu/egg whites dish is also off the ordering list - simply because I have had it FAR too many times during the past six months or so.

What dishes have you recently crossed off your usual order?


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  1. Yummy! I've still never come to this restaurant before and would like to soon!

  2. Hi Anonymous: Yes, it's fun to try all the restaurants along the Beverly Hills strip!

  3. i think they have changed chefs

  4. Hi Anonymous: Thanks for letting us know, I might have to go back for another try then!