Swiss sponge rolls

A recent offering from the Pastry Chef. When he learned that I was purchasing swiss rolls from Asian bakeries, he was outraged that I would spend my money on 'inferior products'.

I protested by quoting the delicious flavours that they offered, including taro, green tea, mango.....and he retorted by dismissing it all as artificial flavouring, easily added.

So lately there has been an abundance of swiss rolls around.

This one has a sweet lemon cream cheese icing for the filling.

It is denser than the ones at Asian bakeries which is quite nice, because sometimes I feel like I have had enough of light, fluffy cake and want something more substantial.

Look at the yummy icing

I guess it is somewhat satisfying to cut off a thick wedge for afternoon tea.

Perfect with a cuppa tea?

I really like these rolls in general. The cake and filling just go so well together! Sometimes I like to peel off the twirl, other times I like to just break off a bit with my fork.

How do you eat yours?


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  1. is there food colouring in the icing?

  2. Hi Sahara: Visitors to my place are always welcome to share any baked goodies lying around.

    Hi Jathon: Yes, there probably was.

  3. Azuma (George Street) have the most amazing green tea swiss rolls. Once you've tried it, you'll never go back. Ever!

  4. Hi SK: Thanks for the rec, I'll make a note to try it!