Subsolo, Sydney CBD

After dining at Element, we decided to move next door to test the dessert at Subsolo.

Subsolo is another hidden restaurant - once again, I had no idea it was here! You walk through a narrow door at ground-level, down two flights of stairs and bam! There is a massive Spanish tapas underground restaurant!

One half of the restaurant

I was charmed by the miniature can of olive oil that sat with the condiments on the table.

But since we were only here for dessert, there was no opportunity to use it. A shame, since I saw that the food at other tables looked mouth-wateringly good!

We ordered our desserts and they came out after a short wait.

Crema catalana with quince puree, brule├ęd at your table ($14)

Having something flamed at your table is certainly a novelty. It's not groundbreaking since you just sit there and watch while the waiter holds the bowl and toasts it with the flamer but you can see other diners craning their necks for a better look.

I had a small taste of the catalana and it was very smooth and had a satisfying crack at the top. I don't remember tasting any quince puree though. Maybe that was in the middle?

Hot chocolate pudding with melting chocolate centre, Chocolate sauce and Vanilla ice-cream ($14)

The chocolate pudding was my choice and it was a nice, comforting dish.

The bowl came out hot and I feared for my little scoop of vanilla ice cream being near the heat!

Inside the pudding

The inside was gooey and melting. Yum!

161 King St, Sydney NSW 2000
Corner Castlereagh St

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  1. Mouth watering indeed (chocolate pudding)!

  2. Hi Sahara: Yes, it was cooked perfectly!