Product Review: Lotte Choco Pie

The name of this product makes me laugh everytime I say it. Choco pie.

It sounds so bogan "Ma, I'm having a choco pie now!!"

But anyway, a box of these arrived in our kitchen and I helped myself to one. I think there were about 12 each in one box and the package is about 3 inches by 3 inches.

The outside of the packet

I eagerly tore off the package and produced the choco pie.

The name is a bit misleading since it's not a pie.

The Choco Pie

The most similar product that I can think of is a Wagon Wheel. Yet this is so different from a Wagon Wheel as well.

Side view

Basically it is two round slices of crumbly cake (but not dry crumbs, a bit moist) with a large wedge of marshmallow in the middle and coated with chocolate.

Inside the Choco Pie

It isn't super sweet but it doesn't have any special flavour either.

Ok for a snack if there isn't anything else in the kitchen but I wouldn't purchase it myself.


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  1. OMG I loved these! When I was traveling in Vietnam, it was my staple snack for long bus rides. I think my friends and I made up a song about them too...

    I didn't know you could get them in Sydney.

  2. Hi bloomingroses:

    What a small world of snacks! You must share the song sometime.

    I think they were found at a Korean grocery store.