Ice + Slice Gelateria and Pizzeria, Newtown

On a recent Saturday night, it was 11pm and the weather was very warm. DJ Rehactor, MochaMan and I decided to pop to Newtown for some sweet gelato to finish off a fun night.

We decided on Ice + Slice which is located closer to the city-end of Newtown's busy King Street.

(some of these photos are from MochaMan - thanks dude!)

The staff were obliging and offered paddle pop stick samples of various flavours before we decided which ones to get.

DJ Rehactor and MochaMan both ordered one scoop of hazelnut each.

Their scoops of ice cream ($3.70 each)

We ordered the gelato for takeaway and sat down at one of their two tables on the footpath.

Of course, I had to be a greedy guts and ordered two scoops.

Passionfruit (on top) and watermelon (underneath) - $5.40

The passionfruit had a sharp tang and there was an abundance of seeds littered throughout. It was a little bit too sweet for me and I left most of this to melt as I dug underneath to get to the watermelon. The watermelon had a very light taste which unfortunately meant that it paled in comparison to the intense flavour offered by the passionfruit.

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Ice + Slice Gelateria and Pizzeria
135 King Street
Newtown, NSW 2042


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  1. I love their gelato as it's incredibly smooth and was only there just last Saturday night! Maybe I'll bump into you sometime =D

  2. Hi mademoiselle délicieuse: I'll keep an eye out for someone else who is covertly snapping some pics! :)