Friands are not my Friends

Dear reader, I have a confession to make.

I don't like friands.

I don't get them. They are like a cross between a muffin and a cake. They are dense and moist, usually made with almond meal (side confession: I don't really like the taste of almond flavoured sweet treats. The taste is too overpowering and makes it all taste the same. Sort of like when you overdose a sandwich with raw onions).

Unluckily for me, friands make a regular appearance in my household, thanks to the Pastry Chef.

Here are some reject (burnt on the edges) friands; one of which I cut off a small slice to eat because I was starving and there was nothing else around:

Reject Friands

They were raspberry flavoured.

So there you have it. There is at least one item at a patisserie that I will actively avoid - unless of course, I was starving.


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  1. What a sacrilegious thing to say!
    Friands are friends to everyone, the least you could do is return the friendship!

    Also, on the note of almond flavoured sweets, I will agree, but only to the extent of items using almond essence - I happen to think that almond meal in itself is not very almond-y flavoured. Well at least not that overpowering almond flavour that essence adds to food.

  2. Do yourself a favour, buy a raspberry friand from Pattersons Patisserie (theres a few scattered around the north, pretty sure there's one in Chatswood Chase) and you will surely change your mind about the friand. Also homemade friands NEVER work out.

  3. Hi Sahara: Sometimes there are just those ones who want to be your friends but no matter how hard they try, they can't break in

    Hi The Chief: When I say that the Pastry Chef brings them into the household, I mean that he brings them home from work! So these are professional friands, so to speak. However, I am willing to try this Pattersons Patisserie that you speak of...