Product Review: Coles Mud Cake

I have a secret love of this cake.

It is called a mud cake. But it isn't really.

The cake is quite crumbly and soft, not dense like a mud cake. It is springy, but also moist.

Slice of Coles Mud Cake

The texture and icing of the cake reminds me of one giant cupcake!

It also reminds me of the cake that you can make yourself from a box of cake mix. So I guess they have done the hard work for you.

Another shot of the cake

And the best thing of all? When it is on special (which seems to be at least once a month), it is $4 for an ENTIRE cake.


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  1. have you ever tried the caramel mud cake? not as good...

  2. I like the Woolies apple pie, it's soo good with vanilla icecream.
    And their tea cake.

  3. Hi Anonymous: No, I haven't tried the caramel mud cake. I will take your word for it and steer clear. What is so bad about it though?

    Hi Mobblees: Is that apple pie in the freezer section or the bakery?

  4. The one in the bakery section, you have to heat it up in the oven so the crust gets crispy.

    The freezer ones are pretty good too.

  5. Hi Mobblees: Heating it up in the oven seems like a lot of work!

  6. Hi Elaine: I'll add it to my 'to try' list, thanks for the rec!