Sun Ho Restaurant, Rockdale

When my parents asked if I wanted to go to yumcha in Rockdale, I thought we were going to the yum cha restaurant that is in the RSL club. But I was wrong - it appears that there is ANOTHER yum cha restaurant that is about 50 metres down the road from the RSL club, and it is also in a club!

I'm not sure if the Rockdale RSL one is still open?

The one that we were going to is called Sun Ho restaurant and it is located inside Club 32, which seemed like a small version of an RSL club.

There was another sign inside that said 'Yum Cha upstairs!' and then underneath it 'Steak - $10 at night!'

It made me giggle - asian in the daytime before transforming into pub grub at night!

Inside the restaurant - tv screens showing sports!

The space isn't that big for a yum cha restaurant. Then again, I guess I have seen smaller as well. There are mirrors along the side, creating the illusion of a bigger space.

One thing I liked was the price list card on the table for the cost of each dish.

Price list

Aside from yum cha, I don't know many places where you order multiple dishes without really knowing how much it costs. I suppose people guestimate how much each size dish is and go from there, but I prefer upfront price transparency.

Most of these dishes don't need any introduction. Yum-cha staples.

Fried dumplings with dipping vinegar

Prawn dumplings

The wrapping on the prawn was a bit too thick for my liking.

Sticky rice parcels


Siu mai

But the next dish does need an introduction. This is their 'signature' dish! A family friend recommended it to us and said that we absolutely had to order it. So we did. It's not actually on any sort of menu there, I guess it is word of mouth, or maybe the waitresses lets you in on the secret?

So their signature dish is........ rice noodles with spring rolls inside!

Large dipping sauce

They make it for you fresh after you order it. It looks very similar to the one that has the fried dough stick inside.

Careful because it's hot when it comes out!

The inside of the noodle

I quite liked it. The soft noodle on the outside complemented the crispy spring roll shell. It is a generous serving and I had approximately five pieces - felt stuffed afterwards!

And lastly, some sweet treats for dessert.

Lotus paste buns

Custard egg tarts

The crust on these tarts was way too thick. Check it out!

Unbelievably thick pastry crust

I noticed that a lot of dishes that you don't usually see at yumcha were circling around on the trolleys. I saw soft shell crab, deep fried crab balls, dumplings with all kind of fillings.

All in all, it was a pleasant brunch made more exciting by that spring roll rice noodle dish.


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