Rising Sun Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Beverly Hills

Rising Sun is located on King Georges Road at the intersection with Stoney Creek Road. It looks impressive from the outside, but on the inside, it is your typical Chinese restaurant, leaning towards being a bit worn.

View of King Georges from the window

Seafood prices and specials on the walls


Sample menu page

Complimentary salted peanuts

I like little dishes of nibblies. They give you something to pick at while waiting for your meal.

Teapot and teacup

I also like drinking tea with dinner. I am a tea addict!

We started off with some small bowls of (fake) shark fin soup.

Closeup of the soup

The soup is very thick and gluggy. Most people like to pour some red vinegar into the soup to add extra flavour.

I know some people who love it but it is not to my taste and I offered my bowl to someone else.

Next up were some roasted pigeons.

Soy sauce and salt to season

The birds were quite small but still tasty.

Salt and pepper pork

Very yum. Lightly battered and served with shallots and chilli.

Tofu and egg whites with mushrooms, prawns, carrots and choy

Can you tell that I am just making up the description as I go along?

This was a very soothing dish, good to mix with your white rice. I was surprised to see that they didn't include peas or plentiful carrot cubes as is custom.

Shandong Chicken

This was one of the highlights of the meal. The chicken was tender and off the bone. I liberally used the sauce to drench the chicken and picked up a few of those cashews for good measure as well.

Oyster mushrooms, Enoki mushrooms served on baby bok choy

The mushrooms were nice but you could whip this up at home.

Phew. After eating my fair share of the above dishes, I was stuffed and ready for some complimentary fruit and sweet dessert!

Complimentary fruit

Sweet Red Bean Soup - one bowl per person

Alas I was disappointed because I don't like red bean soup. Once again, I passed it over.

The meal was satisfactory but not exemplary -perhaps because t. The service was quite good, although it was a weeknight and the crowd was small. As in most Chinese restaurants, there was a TV inside and I found it interesting that for once, the volume was turned up high enough to hear it over the low hum of customers.

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  1. It's almost 2am and I'm absolutely STARVING. Those pictures aren't helping, but how can you not like red bean!
    It's in a lot of desserts too. You're missing out.

  2. Hi Mobblees: Hehe, I have had those nights too when I read other food blogs and my stomach starts to growl.

    I don't dislike all red bean treats, just that dessert soup.

  3. Hi CHAIGYARU: Lucky you, all those yummy restaurants right around the corner!

  4. i like italian cuisine more than chinese. it has richer taste